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The Smoothest and Fastest Gravity Fed Brass Collator Available Anywhere

Farmington, MO – Fast and Friendly Brass, a premier brand in tooling and processing equipment and supplies for optimal efficiency in brass loading and reloading, has the ultimate solution for collating your rifle and pistol brass for ammo loading automation.

“This collator, to our knowledge, is the only commercially available collator that can keep up with the Fast and Friendly Brass Qualifier, or the Bitterroot Machine Off Press Brass Primer,” said Bill Birmingham, Owner of Fast and Friendly Brass. “Other collators jam and end up slowing down the reloading process. That inefficiency just doesn’t work for us, so we developed a collator that can keep up, and maintain a smooth operation for hours on end.”

Each Fast and Friendly Brass Brass Collator is ready to roll. Choose from several options, depending upon your needs. Pick from the Standard Rifle for 5.56/.223 Brass, (.300 Blackout with free conversion kit). Or go big with the .308/30-06 with our Large Rifle Turntable. Load .380/9mm with the Small Pistol Turntable, or go .40 S&W up to .45 Long Colt with the Large Pistol Turntable. The Brass Collator can be ordered for any of these options and can easily be converted to other calibers (Sm/Lg Rifle, Sm/Lg Pistol) with available conversion kits.

The Brass Collator has a 16-inch diameter bowl and can collate between 12,000 to 13,400 pieces per hour with 5.56/.223 or pistol calibers. Pistol calibers can collate at up to 15,000 pieces per hour. Yeah, it’s that fast. It will run virtually jam free due to the means of collation, and can work with just about any brass that you have available. An electronic control box is able to detect jams and will stop the collator, preventing equipment wear and tear. The Collator runs on a 1/8 HP motor that has more than enough power to run the process and yet it draws a scant 1.6 amps. We firmly believe this collator will speed up your production. For more information, go to Fast &Friendly Brass website.

About Fast and Friendly Brass
Fast and Friendly Brass is owned in whole by Bill Birmingham of Farmington, MO. The company started out processing and selling brass in the St. Louis area in 2012 and nationally in 2014. In late 2015 Fast and Friendly Brass stopped processing brass to focus on a bigger need in the market – better tooling and equipment to improve the efficiency of reloading and brass processing. Since then, the company has become an industry leader in high-quality products to make reloading more precise and efficient. Learn more at

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