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USCCA Supports Grassroots Activists at Second Amendment Rally in Front of U.S. Capitol Saturday

Kevin Michalowski Joined 2A Leaders Rallying in Support of Americans’ Right to Self-Defense

WASHINGTON DC – Senior members of the USCCA team, including Kevin Michalowski, USCCA’s Director of Media and Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, proudly joined grassroots activists from across the country Saturday as they rallied in front of the U.S. Capitol in support of the Second Amendment.

“The USCCA is proud to stand with millions of grassroots voices, both in Washington DC and across our country, in supporting those who want to responsibly protect themselves and their loved ones,” Kevin Michalowski said today.  “Gun owners are among the most responsible, law-abiding and patriotic Americans in our country today.  They have embraced the incredible responsibility of defending both themselves and others from those who wish to do harm.  That is the essence of the Second Amendment which belongs to them as it does for all Americans.  It is a right worth defending, a right that all of us are committed to defending and we thank all who helped organize and support this rally.”

In addition to his role as Executive Director of Concealed Carry Magazine, Michalowski is also a part-time police officer in Wisconsin and hosts the popular USCCA scenario training video series The Proving Ground which provides responsible gun owners with the training they need to protect themselves in perilous situations.

“As the country’s largest and fastest-growing association for responsibly armed Americans, the USCCA exists to serve those who responsibly protect and we are committed to helping more people be their family’s first line of defense through education, preparation and training,” Michalowski concluded.

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