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Viridian® Debuts Full-Blown Tactical

Viridian Weapon Technologies is pleased to announce the release of “Full-Blown Tactical,” a collaborative video project shot over two days at Guniste Academy that pushes the boundaries of drone cinematography and captures the exuberance inherent in world-class tactical training, cutting-edge technology, and innovative firearms.

“Full-Blown Tactical represents the cooperation that defines our industry,” said Brian Hedeen, President and CEO at Viridian. “We’re extremely pleased that Springfield Armory and Federal Ammunition both shared Viridian’s epic vision, and there was no better place to capture the experience than Gunsite Academy. ‘Full-Blown Tactical’ showcases the creativity and ingenuity of this industry partnership, but also the unbelievable flying skills of the drone cinematography pioneers at Rotor Riot and JayByrd Films. The end result is everything we’d hoped it would be.”

“Federal Ammunition is thrilled to have been invited to participate in the creation of this video,” said Jason Nash VP Marketing at Federal, Ammunition. “Full-Blown Tactical does something very few other videos even attempt—it pulls you in and lets you feel the exhilaration that comes from scenario-based training exercises. We’ve had a long relationship with Viridian and Springfield, and this project is proof of how well we work together.”

“The drone cinematography in ‘Full-Blown Tactical’ is the perfect way to bring viewers into this experience,” said Steve Kramer Vice President of Marketing at Springfield Armory, Inc. “We’ve been working with Viridian and Federal for years, but most of our collaborations stay concealed. This project brings our long working relationship into the open in a truly explosive way. Springfield Armory is proud to have provided the host platforms for such a monumental and creative project.”

“Full-Blown Tactical” is live on social channels now.

For more information on the cinematic techniques used to create “Full-Blown Tactical,” visit JayByrdFilms. For more information on first-person drones, visit Rotor Riot.

For more information, visit

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