WTT121C1_catI wasn’t sure I would get a chance to truly test out my new set of Watson’s Performance Base Layer for Women this spring. Normally, April temperatures in Nebraska are a bit warmer and there is no need for a base layer during the day.  But as luck would have it, if I could call it luck, this April has been on the cold side.


So when the need to get out of town exceeded my need to get work done, I pulled on Watson’s Performance long sleeve top and long johns, buttoned up my Army-surplus ACUs, donned a cap and my Muck Boots and headed to a nearby Wildlife Management Area that I fancy.


Upon arriving, I checked the temperature: 43ºF.  Perfect.  I headed out along the seldom-used trail, searched around for a while for morels, and then headed to the back corner of this little WMA to survey the area.


Watson's Base LayerThings had changed a bit since the last time I was here.  Newer and bigger power lines lay in cleared land which last year saw turkeys dance and morels burst forth.  Nevertheless, I found a little spot under a juniper tree (an invasive species in the prairie, commonly but mistakenly known around here as the pesky red cedar) and sat down  Needing solitude and a connection to the natural world and hoping I might see some turkeys, I sat still for quite some time.  After about thirty minutes of listening to birds and far-off cows, I decided I might as well lie down for a nap.


All of this brings me to this point: I was happy to be wearing a base layer.  Forty-three degrees is not especially cold, I grant you, but it was overcast and breezy.  During my hike, I was never too warm and never sweaty.  At no time during my long rest did I feel cold.  I was comfortable enough to fall asleep, which says quite a lot given my inability to fall asleep anywhere but a bed or a sleeping bag.


I really cannot think of a better test situation in which to try out Watson’s base layers.  A bit of hiking followed by a long period of inactivity and I was never uncomfortable.


My one request for Watson’s: make the top a good two to four inches longer.  I like to tuck in my base layer top to keep cold air out.  The ACU pants I wore have a very high waist so this was not a problem for me on this day, but there are many times I wish to wear a base layer under my everyday clothes.  The moment I reach up or bend down, I feel the top untuck.  By making the top just a couple of inches longer, this problem would be solved.


Watson LogoThe Performance base layer is a medium weight layer made of micro polyester and spandex that wicks moisture away from the skin, stretches perfectly for a comfortable fit, and provides antimicrobial treatment.  More information can be found at www.mywatsons.ca.