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Wild Hedgehog Tactical Get Home Alive Medical Kit Review

IMG_1559Life is short. We only have a limited time on this planet and taking care of our body is of paramount importance. First aid kits are incredibly important tools to carry in your pack whether you are just heading out for a quick walk in the woods, a stroll around the city or taking an extended hunt in the wilderness. Over the past several years I have tested out several first aid kits on the market and I think I have settled on the first aid kit that will reside in my pack for the next several years. The team at WH Tactical offers up the Get Home Alive (GHA) Medical Kit as a quality medical kit for the outdoorsman.


Wild Hedgehog: Tactical Survival Solutions was created out of a desire to keep people safe.  Whether you are out hiking your favorite trail or running dignitary protection in the Middle East, they created gear to save your life in the worst-case scenario. Having the right gear at the right time in the event of a survival or medical emergency in a light packable design makes all of the difference.


The GHA Medical Kit comes with the following gear:



TRAUMA                                                          MEDICATIONS
4” Israeli Bandage                                                Aspirin
SWAT-Tourniquet                                               Tylenol Extra Strength
2x H&H Compressed Gauze                                  Antihistamine Pack

BREAKS & FRACTURES                                   Optional:
Self Adherent Wrap                                              Celox Rapid Ribbon

1 Pair Nitrile Gloves
CPR Face Shield
Assorted Band-Aids
4x Gauze Pads
Steri-Strips (wound closure strips)
4x  Iodine Wipes
2x Alcohol Wipes
4x Hand sanitizer wipes
2x Ammonia Inhalants
Medical Tape
2x Tampons
4x Bacitracin Packs
2x Burn Gel Packs
In my kit, I added Zantac, Benadryl, Advil, Off Mosquito wipes, 2 packs of hand warmers, and a bottle of water purification tablets as well as four days of my current medication and an extra bottle of Nitro tablets in case my heart acts up again. The GHA kit comes in a Maxpedition Molle Bag that attaches to the outside of your pack or fits inside your pack to keep it well organized. First aid medical kits are not cheap but you get what you pay for. In a moment of a crisis, the last thing you want to think about is that I should have paid more for a better medical kit. The GHA is the kit to have when stuff hits the fan and you really need the best kit on hand.

We recommend the optional Celox Rabid Ribbon for situations of puncture wounds or gunshots. Having extra protection to quickly and easily prevent blood loss in a dire situation allows you to buy time to get yourself or others to the next stage of treatment. The great news is this kit is small, light and easily fits in your pack. Throw it in your pack and never take it out because a first aid kit is only useful when it is with you.


Check out the great first aid kits from Wild Hedgehog.

Kevin Paulson

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