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WOLF Premium Oils Review by Bryce Echternacht

Wolf Premium OilsI was recently given a few bottles of Wolf Premium Oils to try and was asked for my honest opinion. Be it good or bad. Wolf’s Gun Oil and Cleaner, Archery Oil and Reel Oil. First off, I am the kind of person who finds a product I like and I stick with it. Especially when it comes to cleaning and care of my hunting and fishing equipment! So to say I was a little skeptical to replace my usual products is an understatement.

Wolf Premium OilsI started with Wolf’s Gun Oil and Cleaner. I stripped down my Glock and gave it a thorough cleaning and oiled the gun inside and out. All of this is done with the same product. One bottle for cleaning and oiling your firearm which is a major plus for me. I dislike having to keep track of two or three products. I am all about simple and quick!

Now it was time to see what it was all about. I called my one of my brothers and we headed to our farm. I showed him my Wolf’s and had him clean and oil his gun with Wolf’s Gun Oil and Cleaner as well. We didn’t waste any time getting lead down range and we quickly burned through a few boxes of ammo. After two hours of cold hands, drizzle and mud covered boots, we had both had enough. We had each went through 250 rounds that day. We had zero double feeds, zero failure to feed, zero problems whatsoever. A quick wipe down and the guns went back in holsters and were put away. We don’t typically have any problems, so this was nice but didn’t sell either one of us on the product over products we had previously used. But let me tell you what did. I headed out again a week later in almost identical conditions. Wet, cold and muddy. This trip out I shot 150 rounds. We stripped our guns down and were expecting the barrels to be pretty dirty. We were shooting some cheaper ammo. (We have to take what we can get these days!) But they weren’t! A quick wipe down and run through the barrel and they looked like the had right after we had cleaned them the first time with Wolf’s Oil. This is after 400 rounds and in less than prefect conditions. I have been using this for a few months now and absolutely love it. Water is repelled, gun performs flawlessly and allows for a very quick cleaning after shooting. I am thoroughly impressed with Wolf’s Gun Oil and Cleaner and it has become the only product I need to keep my firearms working flawlessly.

Wolf Premium OilsWolf also has an Archery Oil. Now, This is where I really don’t like to change things up. I am an archery freak. I only use products that I trust and will NOT stand behind anything that doesn’t meet my requirements. Be it a wax, sights, rest, bow itself, you name it. I am very particular about my archery equipment. Now, having said that, I had already tried Wolf’s Gun Oil. I know they make an amazing product and one I believe in for my firearms. A few months ago I had purchased a new bow. One I am very fond of. I decided that I trusted the Wolf name enough that I would start using their products on my bow from day one.

I am not a fair weather shooter. Not even with my bow. After only a few months, my bow has been shot in rain, snow, dust, wind, indoors, in my living room from the bed of my truck, from hay bales and just about anywhere else you can think of. It gets set on the ground, on top of dusty hay bales, on a wet truck bed. Literally, you name it. The reason I only stand behind products I trust is because I put my bow through everything. It has to be tough. and it has to stand up to everything I throw at it throughout the course of a year.

Impressed? Absolutely.

I was hesitant to use a liquid on my strings. I’ll admit it. But I am sure glad I did! I have always had a problem with wearing strings out fast. I have had this bow a few months now and my strings still look and feel brand new. I have not put a wax on them one time. I put the oil on my cams, all bolts and hardware and clean my bow with it as well. I could not be more happy with this stuff! I do what I can as far as drying my bow off after shooting or hunting in the rain. But let’s face it, its hard to get it all. This stuff has kept any rust from appearing and also repels the dust fantastically. I do a lot of tuning and cleaning of my friends bows as well. Again, this is all I use and have had more compliments lately on the cleanliness of their equipment and a lot of comments on how easy it has been to quickly wipe their equipment off and put it away clean and without worry. I will continue to use Wolf Archery Oil and only the Wolf brand on my bow and any bow I work on.

Lastly, I had a bottle of Wolf’s Reel Oil. And what better time than early spring when the crappie are biting? I wish I could say I was as particular about my fishing reels as I am my archery equipment. But, I’m not. My fishing pole spends the entire summer in the bed of my truck. I just never know when I will see a spot and decide I want to do some fishing. I have tried a few different oils over the years for that first reel cleaning of the season. I have cleaned my reels the same for years. The way my grandpa taught me to do it, and for the most part, with the same stuff he used to clean his. Grandpa wouldn’t steer me wrong! However, Wolf wasn’t around when grandpa taught me. After having tried the Gun and Archery oils, I was excited to see what this could do for a favorite reel of mine that had lived a rough life and sat in the garage all winter after a long summer of hard fishing last year. It truly, truly feels like a new reel. I could not be more please with how this reel feels. It’s just like new only a bit better! I chose to use the Reel Oil on this particular reel because I thought if it can clean this mess up and make it feel like new, it can literally handle anything. I air dusted my reel, took what parts I could and soaked them in a small amount of Wolf’s reel oil and applied it where needed on parts I couldn’t remove. I put my reel back together and couldn’t get the smile off of my face. My fishing tackle has already been down miles and miles of gravel road this year and will be there for countless more before fishing is done for the year. I love how easy it is to wipe down and how smooth it continues to be no matter how much gravel dust it is covered with.

Now, I realize I am not a professional shooter, archer or fisherman. I am just like the majority of people out there who put their equipment through real world scenarios. It gets dirty. It spends more time in my backseat and truck bed than it probably should. I use it and don’t always have the time to clean it right away. It gets wet, dusty, muddy, snowed on everything else you could imagine. I am as hard on my equipment as a guy can be. Wolf has an amazing product here. One I will continue to use and one I fully support. My honest opinion on Wolf Oils is to buy it. Buy it and give it a try next time you get around to cleaning your equipment. Whether it is your gun, bow, or fishing reel you absolutely cannot go wrong if you’re using Wolf Premium Oil.

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