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Wolverine RIDGELINE – LO Women’s Boot Review by Ginny Powell

Before I give my evaluation, I must start with two important background facts…
First, my husband, Don, calls me the ‘princess and the pea’ with my feet and comfort issues, so I had high expectations and apprehensions for these ‘ordered’ boots. I am a try on before I buy kind of person.

Second, I started this evaluation with an ‘attitude.’ 

Like many major hunting and outdoor businesses, Wolverine caters to men.  My husband had pages and page of all types of boots to choose from.  We picked a perfect pair, and he knew it as soon as he slipped them on his feet.  For me, I had a choice of one pair in women’s.  I got the Ridgeline model w05639 , I was looking for comfort, something durable yet soft-sided for major walking.  I’ve been through too many other shoes and boots, and uncomfortable hunting trips, so I know how important this is.Now they don’t have the features of my husband’s boots (and his look really cool too), but my feet, with good hiking socks, are VERY comfortable in my Wolverines.  I had no toe problems, no ball of feet problems.  The ankles, however, were a bit of a challenge.  I tried lacing the boots tight, I tried lacing them loose.  They rubbed, chaffed, and caused bruising.  Before the trip, I tried to break them in on 2 ½ mile walks.  Some days were great, some good, and some not.  It was a very inconsistent feel on the ankles, but the feet were great.
The real test, what I got them for, was hunting.  They were great.  We slopped through water on the way to bear blinds (for my husbands’ bear), sat in tree stands and ground tent blinds for 8 hours at a time.  My feet were dry, warm, comfortable, and when we had to track the bear at dusk into the night, I was thankful for that ankle support as we stumbled around rocks and stumps.

Bottom line – I’d get them again.
  They are very comfortable; the cut outs for the Achilles heal in the back help a lot.  They are much better than my older work boots that I was using for hunting.  I give them a B+, because I’m holding out that some day, women can have the camo type boots that men can get.

Ginny Powell

HuntingLife ProStaffer 

Wolverine Boots


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