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Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System Review

The Work Sharp Guided Sharpening System is a complete knife and tool sharpening system for home and field use. We found the system to be easy to use and very effective for sharpening blades regardless of your experience level with sharpening knives and tools. The Pivot-Response system allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade making sure your entire blade is sharp from base to tip.


The team at Work Sharp sent us out this kit for us to try out and the opportunity to use it came up. This past Friday night I decided it was time to take a tomato off the vine and make some BLTs. There really is not a better sandwich in the world than a BLT. The bacon was the easy part. I grabbed a kitchen knife off the magnet on the wall and I tried to cut the tomato. The knife was so dull it wouldn’t do anything but crush the tomato. It wouldn’t even cut the skin.


This morning I got out the system, grabbed our knives, and sat down to get to work. I sharpened eight knives in about an hour. I have the upgrade kit which provides an extra course blade, an extra fine blade and a leather strop. Using the video on the Work Sharp website, I took each knife through six steps from Extra Course, Course, Fine, Extra Fine, Ceramic and then leather stropped.


After sharpening the knives, I went back to the vine, took off a green tomato and ran the knife across it. The knife sliced it right open. I made further cuts and was able to cut a paper-thin slices right off the tomato. This Guided Sharpening System costs $59.99. An additional $34.95 gets you the Upgrade Kit.


The plates for this system are diamond plates and run from 220 grit (Extra Course) all the way to 800 grit (Extra Fine). The guided system allows you to sharpen knives at 17- or 20-degree angles and the ceramic allows you to sharpen serrated knives and fishhooks. This system covers it all and it works. Now instead of sending all my knives to a local sharpening shop to be fine tuned and sharpened, I can do it myself. I will never have to use dull knives because with less than fifteen minutes, I can sharpen a knife with this system on my own.


Guided Sharpening System – Work Sharp from DAREX on Vimeo.


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Kevin Paulson

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