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YETI LoadOut Review

I opened the front door today and saw a box with the YETI logo on it. When I opened it, I saw a bucket.  I had heard about the LoadOut Bucket but had not paid close attention to its release.  I had heard something about food grade plastic and I figured every bar in America would own one just to transport ice around.

However, after running around today I finally sat down to catch up on email and read through some paperwork.  Out of the corner of my eye, the seafoam green of the LoadOut Bucket caught my eye.  I grabbed it, flipped it over and put my feet up on it and continued reading.  Once I got done, I grabbed the bucket and started taking a serious look.  This bucket is bombproof and overbuilt.  Kind of what you expect these days from the YETI brand.

The YETI LoadOut Bucket is a 5-gallon bucket and is built to be basically indestructible.  It is high impact-resistant and three times as thick as a standard bucket.  It has a heavy hauler-handle that makes it easy to carry with either hand and a lot more comfortable than a standard wire handle on a regular bucket.  My arm would hurt from the weight of what I put in this bucket well before the handle would even have a chance to dig into my hand.

The YETI bucket comes with a Bearfoot Nonslip Ring to keep it from slipping on the deck of your boat or in the back of your truck.  In case you are worried about the bucket sliding around or tipping over during transport, YETI will offer the Anchorpoint Tie Down Kit to slip into slots on the bucket and anchor the bucket where you want it.

Of course, YETI will offer accessories to match in the very near future.  These include the aforementioned tie down kit, as well as an internal caddy and a gear belt that attaches around the bucket to hold your extra gear.  This belt would come in handy in the garden (holding garden tools) and on the shoreline (fishing gear).  I am most interested in the honeycomb designed lid which is modeled after the YETI Tumbler lids.

I can see it now: I will be sitting on the YETI LoadOut Bucket in the middle of a dove field.  There will be ice on the bottom of the bucket for my drinks and shells inside the handy gear belt.

I checked out the hauling capability of the YETI bucket this afternoon when I filled up the birdbaths in the backyard.  I found this bucket easy to carry and quite handy to have around.  Not that I will ever need to hold 300 pounds in a bucket ever, but the YETI bucket can handle that much weight.

Buy one for yourself or give one as a gift.  If seafoam green isn’t your color, YETI offers three others in white, tan, and charcoal.

I have a buddy that collects buckets on the side of the road. He will laugh like crazy at me when I tell him I have one of these.  But as soon as he sees this bucket in use, he will be green with envy.  Maybe even seafoam green with envy.  See what I did there?  Check them out at .



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