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Zeiss Victory HT Binocular Review by Edward Gramza, IV

Zeiss Victory HT

Zeiss is known worldwide as the leading producer of optics.  Their technology easily transfers over to their sports optics side of the business for the hunters and outdoors type people.  From the clear glass to their innovative lens coatings, you will struggle to find optics that beat those from Zeiss.  As Zeiss says, they do make it visible.


For the last few years, I have been fortunate to be a part of the Zeiss Ambassador team.  I have been using their glass exclusively in the field and couldn’t be happier.  Hands down my favorite piece of glass has been the Victory HT binoculars.  These binos literally go everywhere with me.  They have glassed many farm fields in Wisconsin for turkey as well as countless mountain sides for elk and deer.


The Victory HT 10×42 binoculars that I have used now for 3 plus years have been perfect for all applications.  The magnification and field of view have never left me hoping for more.  If I really need to see something a little closer, I will use my Zeiss spotting scope for that.  For a 10×42 binocular, they don’t seem overly heavy or bulky.  They are extremely easy to operate with thick gloves on in the harshest weather conditions.


The area in which the Victory HT excels and beats the competition is in low light conditions.  Think dusk and dawn when you are in the field looking for an animal.  The HT’s have an industry leading 95% light transmission.  This means that more light is making it through the optics and into your eyes.  It literally makes dusk look like the middle of the day.  This is done with a combination of their SCHOTT HT lenses and the Zeiss T* multi-coating.  Both are designed to gather and transmit as much light as possible giving you a clear and bright image.  And trust me, this combination works as good if not better than advertised.


Another area that the Victory HT binoculars excel is in harsh weather conditions.  They feature Zeiss’s exclusive LotuTec lens coating.  With this coating on both the eyepiece and objective lenses, water rolls off without having to wipe it off.  Dirt and grime is easily removed without a trace.  It doesn’t matter if you are hunting in a monsoon or a snow storm, your binoculars will always be clear and ready for glassing.


The Victory HT binoculars come in a few different sizes and magnifications.  These include 8×42, 10×42, 8×54, and 10×54.  All models come with a case, neck strap, and lens cleaning cloth.  They also all feature the Zeiss Limited Lifetime Warranty.  In fact, these are also covered by the Zeiss No-Fault Policy for the first five years of ownership.  Other optics companies will boast about their warranty, yet Zeiss has the same thing.  However, generally speaking you shouldn’t need to use it when you purchase quality products.


When shopping for optics, many people are alarmed by the price of premium glass.  Like anything, you get what you pay for.  The 10×42 model that I have been using will cost you around $2400.  Yes this is a hefty sum of money.  However, this is most likely the only pair of binos you will need in your lifetime.  If you are looking for a quality pair of binoculars, do not overlook the Zeiss Victory HT lineup.



Specs:  based on Victory HT 10×42


Field of View at 1000 yards                            330 ft

Close Focus in ft                                             6.2 ft

Nitrogen filled

Length                                                             6.3”

Width                                                              5”

Weight                                                             28.4oz



Zeiss Victory HT Zeiss Victory HT Zeiss Victory HT Zeiss Victory HT

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