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Zenbivy Light Bed Review

Zenbivy Light Bed

There are a million different sleeping options for the happy camper, and I have tried many of them.  Mummy bags, standard bags, synthetic, down, ultra-light.  The list goes on.  But the goal remains the same: sleeping comfortably.

I am happy to say that the Zenbivy Light Quilt 25º allows me to sleep quite comfortably.

The Zenbivy Light Quilt is a completely different type of sleeping arrangement.  It has a zipper-less design that gives a “full-flat” function that you would find in a quilt.  Think of it not as a sleeping bag, though it will function as one when used with the Zenbivy sheet, but rather like the softest, warmest, lightest blanket you cuddle up with in the outdoors.

Zenbivy has created a butter-soft, durable, lightweight quilt; the 25º version is filled with premium 800 fill power HyperDRY for 3-season use. The weight is lessened by the elimination of any zipper.  Instead, you connect the quilt into seemingly endless combinations with hooks and loops.  It is this versatility that makes Zenbivy stand out.

Do you like to stick your feet out of the covers or keep them in?  Do you sleep on your back or curl up on your side?  Do you want to wrap up tightly or have a lightweight blanket softly resting on top of you?  Zenbivy’s quilt lets you stretch out or curl up as you wish.

I upgraded to a complete EN rated Light Bed by adding a Zenbivy Light Sheet 25º.  The hood is insulated with the same HyperDRY down as the quilt and cinches to keep my head nice and warm.  The Zenbivy pillow, or your own pillow from home, fits nicely inside the hood and keeps the pillow from shifting during sleep. The sheet straps onto mattresses 25” x 77” and up to three inches thick, so as you roll over in the night, your bedding stays put.

The quilts come in three sizes: regular (fits heights up to 5’10” and weight up to 175 lbs.), large (up to 6’6” and 250 lbs.), and extra-large (up to 6’10” and 350 lbs.).  It is clear to me that Zenbivy is trying to fit many people regardless of size or sleeping position, and they manage to do this by creating a lightweight system that oozes versatility.

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