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130 Whitetail Properties Land Specialist are Now Level 2 NDA Deer Stewards

The National Deer Association (NDA) recently conducted a custom Deer Steward training course for 41 Whitetail Properties Land Specialists from 23 states, bringing the total to 130 agents who have achieved Level 2 certification. Whitetail Properties is the only company focusing on rural real estate and hunting land that requires its agents to be certified NDA Deer Stewards.

“Over 26,000 acres of deer habitat will be directly impacted by the 41 participants in this recent class,” said Ben Westfall, NDA Conservation Coordinator, who oversees NDA’s Deer Steward program. “This is based on our evaluations in which students indicated how many acres they personally own or manage. But these professionals will undoubtedly impact far more acreage as they share their knowledge with their clients who are shopping for hunting land.”

Currently, all 300 Land Specialists have achieved or are working toward a Level 1 Deer Steward certification through NDA’s online course. This ensures that all Whitetail Properties agents have a comprehensive understanding of the key principles of deer and habitat biology, ecology and management. Following the recent in-person Level 2 course in Illinois, 130 of 300 Land Specialists have also advanced to Level 2. 

NDA and Whitetail Properties are currently planning additional Level 2 courses as well as custom Habitat Modules. In addition to training courses for their Land Specialists, Whitetail Properties TV will also share its unique talents in video production to help improve NDA’s online Deer Steward course. Whitetail Properties will film and produce an updated edition of the Level 1 course for online certification.

NDA’s Deer Steward training courses and modules are available to all deer hunters. To learn more, visit:

To learn more about Whitetail Properties, please visit:

About the National Deer Association

Formally launched on November 10, 2020, the National Deer Association is a non-profit deer conservation group that leads efforts to ensure the future of wild deer, wildlife habitat and hunting. Formed by combining the strengths of two long-serving, successful organizations, the National Deer Association has a combined 38 years of action that has changed deer management for the betterment of hunting and protected North America’s most vital and admired game species for future generations. Visit or follow @deerassociation on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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