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2017 Hunting Holiday Gift Guide

Each year it has been our pleasure to create a Hunting Holiday Gift Guide. This year is no different. We searched high and low for a great list of items which we think will please the hunters on your gift list.  Our gift list this year is brought to you by our sponsor Henry Repeating Arms and we suggest two of their rifles in this year’s gift list. We wanted to list the Henry Golden Boy, The Henry Long Ranger and The Henry All-Weather 30-30 but we are going to stick with our two picks but honestly any rifle from Henry is a pretty amazing gift.  We hope you enjoy our guide and you find the perfect gift for that special hunter on your gift list.

2017 Hunting Holiday Gift Guide

Henry Steel Wildlife Edition

Henry Steel Wildlife Edition

We picked up the Henry Steel Wildlife Edition this summer and it is a work of art.  The beautiful scroll work on this rifle is done in 24k gold leaf. The rifles come in .30-30 and .45-70 and look amazing on the dark steel.  We especially like the .45-70 Steel Wildlife Edition and the Moose and Bear images engraved on this rifle are exceptional.  Now some folks out their would call this rifle a wall hanger or a safe queen; we like to call it one of the sweetest shooting rifles we have had the pleasure of hunting with.  This is a rifle you should seriously consider for the hunter who loves to stalk or bust through brush. It feels great in your hands and the hunter in your life is going to fall over in excitement after unwrapping this beauty.  MSRP $1450.00

Allen Heritage Canvas and Leather Gun Case

Allen Heritage Gun Case

Owning a quality gun case to protect your rifle and shotgun is imperative. Having one that you actually like with a great look is important, as well.  The Allen Heritage Gun Case has a durable-look leather and a suede-like interior lining with metal hardware.  The case is lockable and provides enough room for supplies in a side pocket. The cases look great and they are reasonably priced.

HuntingLife Shirts by Vapor

HuntingLife Shirts by Vapor

Our list would not be complete this year without these new shirts by Vapor Apparel.  They are really a first step into a line of products that we will be launching next year.  The shirts being offered include the HuntingLife T-shirts in the middle made from 50% Repreve and 50% cotton. They are Made in the USA and sell at $24.95. The men’s long sleeve and women’s UPF 50+ UV/Sun Protection Long Sleeve T-shirts are $29.95 and are offered at this time exclusively on Amazon.  Order these on Amazon while supplies last!!!

Orvis Cinch-Back Miner Field Pants

Cinch-Back Field Pants

We picked up a pair of these pants along with a jacket from Orvis.  The pants quickly became our absolute favorite pants for hunting upland birds.  They are tough and comfortable. While we do not suggest getting rid of your belt, the cinch-back allows you to leave it at home if you wish.  The extra reinforcement of the pants protect them when you are in the field and the feel of these pants is exceptional.  These look just as good in the field as they do in the office.  Our only wish is that these pants came in about four other colors so we could buy up all of the colors and basically wear them all week.  The following link will help you get $5.00 shipping.  Enjoy $5 Shipping on your next order. Use Code: SHIPFIVE

Rumpl Puffy Blankets

Rumpl Puffy BlanketsThe team at Rumpl has kicked out some amazing blankets this year.  The Camo Original Rumpl Puffy Blanket is just one of the new designs that have come out from Rumpl in the past few months.  The Original is a soft blanket that feels amazing on the skin as well as being light, comfortable, and warm.  The Sherpa Rumpl Puffy Blanket offers a matte nylon on one side and a sherpa fleece on the other side.  This is more comfortable than any sleeping bag that we have had the pleasure of using in hunting camp. These blankets are machine washable and come in three sizes: throw, 1-person, and 2-person. Give one of these blankets to someone you really care about. They will appreciate the warmth and comfort this blanket brings. Check out the Rumpl Holiday selection.

FITS Light Hunter – OTC Socks

FITS Hunter OTC Socks I got these about 2 months ago and over the last 4 weeks I have worn them out on several hunts.  FIT socks are made completely differently with a heal specific design unlike others. They provide amazing support with super-fine merino wool to regulate temperature and wick away moisture.  The full contact fit hugs your foot. If you are planning to buy socks as a Christmas present – and who isn’t? – try the FIT socks. They look great, they fit right and they keep your feet warm.  I wore them on a hunt in Manitoba in temps that were below 20 degrees and loved them.  I am buying them for a few folks on my personal list.

Stormy Kromer


There is no question here at Team HuntingLife Headquarters that we are Stormy Kromer fans. Regardless of where you live in the country, these are some darn good caps. These hats keep your ears attached to your head while it’s blowing freezing cold wind from the great north and they look pretty styling.  Heck, we have heard stories of some folks getting married in these hats and even a few of people getting buried with their Stormy Kromer caps.  We loved them so much we practically begged them to become a part of their ambassador program. After three years of trying, we finally made it.  If you want to give the gift of a legend that has been around since 1903, you should take a look at the Holiday gift guide from Stormy Kromer. Tell them Team HuntingLife sent you; they might just hook you up with a deal.

Trayvax Wallet and Keychain

Trayvax Ascent

The Trayvax Ascent Wallet and Keychain in Canyon Red are absolute favorites of ours.  After sitting on large wallets for years, dads are starting to realize that thin, small wallets work just fine. Look for ones that fit 4-7 cards, 2-3 IDs, and just a few bills.  The solid stainless steel frame, the top-grain leather and the pull tab make this new Made in the USA wallet an absolute gem worth taking a serious look at.  This is a beautiful wallet any man is going to be proud to have.

Buffalo Wool Company Advantage Wool Trekker Crew Socks

Buffalo Wool Company

Here at team HuntingLife, we love small family companies that are committed to Made in America products. We also like that some companies work to keep bison in America.  This extreme sock will keep your feet warm and dry by its use of ultra-soft bison fiber. There is no itch in these wool socks.  They provide sufficient cushioning and will rise up a bit over your 6″ boot tops. The sizing charge is imperative, use it. Check out these socks; they ar incredibly comfortable.

Qalo Silicone Rings

Qalo Silicone Rings

Qalo holiday gift set is a great present for any outdoorsman and outdoorswoman who wears a ring.  These silicone rings arrive in a beautiful Qalo gift box and include silicone rings that can be worn in the outdoors.  In any kind of situation where your ring could get caught, these silicone rings can easily be ripped and broken off, instead of your finger. The wedding rings come in black, forest green, aqua, and camo specifically for hunters.  They make great wedding gifts as well! These are worth checking out at

Chef’s Cut Jerky

Chef's Cut Jerky

I received a sample box of CHEF’S CUT jerky before I headed up to Manitoba this year and one of the best jerky I have ever tried. It is the only jerky that anyone can commercially buy so it’s pretty much the best jerky on the open market.  The Asian Teriyaki was absolutely my favorite.  Chef’s Cut jerky uses premium cuts and real ingredients and it is exceptional.  This is fantastic jerky and it should be ordered asap.

HybridLight solar powered flashlights and chargers


HybridLight Solar Powered flashlights are a great addition to the the hunters tool bag.  These lights ensure you are prepared for any situation. They can charge your cell phone in a moment of crisis, as well.  These lights are super bright LED’s, they are durable and the solar charge works off of any light source.  They are also guaranteed for life. You can buy them individually or as a large kit.  I prefer the flashlights that are not covered in camo personally so when I reach into my pack, I can easily see them and differentiate them from my other gear.  These flashlights are so reasonable you will have enough money to buy these as gifts and one or two for yourself. Check these beauties out at

Illustrated Guide to the Great Smoky Mountains National ParkGreat Smoky Mountains

We landed on the work of Anderson Design Group just a few years ago and fell in love with what they were doing.  Our founder even used their postcards as a Save the Date card for his wedding, thus sharing the couple’s passion for public lands.  This year, the group at ADG has created this fantastic guide to the Great Smoky Mountains. It is our hope that we will slowly see these great books pop up for each of our national parks and hopefully someday our national forests.  We had the opportunity to travel through the Smoky Mountains this year and loved getting to see the fog rising from the valley floor.  We loved coming home, propping the feet up near the fire and thumbing through this book.  Check it out at and take a look at those postcards as well; we love them all.

Bold Lead Designs Dog Leashes

Bold Lead Designs

No Christmas should pass without a little love and gratitude towards our working dogs.  The best gift you can give your dogs is safety. They are counting on you to keep them alive and a great working leash is an important part of that process.  Bold Lead Designs are made with solid brass hardware and natural colorfast leather. They hold up to anything you can throw their way, whether that is tough wear or tough weather.  The team at BLD offers a wide variety of products for all dogs and all sizes of dogs.  We especially loved the Brahma leads for working long distances with young dogs in the field.  Bold Lead Designs impresses us and their products will impress even the choosiest dog handlers.

Droptine Spirits

Droptine Spirits

Cooking up venison back strap this year on the grill, we were looking for some spirits to pair it with. And inviting a friend from Russia over to share the meal, we wanted to find the right mix of perfection and wild in a good vodka. Droptine Spirits gave us a little bit of both with this pairing of Persimmon and Apple Moonshine and Premium Vodka.  If your dad loves a perfect cocktail before dinner, order up the combination of both of these and you get a free hat to go along with it through the holiday season.  Only available online at

 Thunderbolt Men’s Jeans

Thunderbolt Men's Jeans
Thunderbolt Men's Jeans
We were sent out a pair of these to test about 5 months ago and we tried them on and wore them and honestly we fell in love.  I threw them into my pack just before we took off on a week long adventure into the wilds of downtown Minneapolis and around Elk River, MN.  What we fell in love with was the ease with which these could be worn outdoors, in the office, at the cafe, on the bike and throughout the city.  We were able to wash them quickly in the hotel sink and hang them to dry and the next day they were ready to go on the next adventure.  They are not cheap, but we now own a second pair and I can honestly say we will continue to watch what comes from this company.  Soft, clean, dressy, comfortable travel pants.  Check them out at Thunderbolt Sportswear.

Showers Pass

Showers Pass


We first heard about Showers Pass from a great PR rep for the firm, which is often how we hear about great companies. And while Showers Pass didn’t seem like a fit for HuntingLife, we were interested when they told us that they had developed a waterproof sock. When they sent us out a pair of socks along with a Bamboo-Merino Henley, that was all she wrote.  The socks are waterproof and they are pretty darn amazing, but that Henley was warm, comfortable and so very soft.  These folks are creating some great stuff worth taking a serious look at, especially if you get outside in all kinds of wet weather.  Showers Pass

Petzyl Tikka

Petzyl Tikka

The Petzyl Tikka is one heck of a headlamp.  It kicks out 200 lumens and has a rechargeable battery that you can charge with a USB source. You can easily put in 3 AAA batteries in the field to replace that battery and keep it bright as can be.  It has a reflector on it to help you find it in the dark and red lighting for when you are coming into your deer stand at night.  This is a great little light at a super reasonable price that will not break the bank. It’s sure to bring wide smiles when opened on Christmas day.  Pick this up at the Petzly Tikka at Amazon for a great price.



We take a lot of new hunters out hunting each year and we try to share some knowledge and gear with each of them. This year, we stumbled on See 3D Camo and knew we had a good product to share.  We handed this light-weight suit over to a new hunter and we knew that he met the Blaze Orange legal requirements. We could be in just about any stand situation for deer and feel comfortable and safe with this camo and orange.  If you are looking to introduce a new hunter to the sport or give a gift to an experienced hunter whom you want to keep safe, this camo is worth taking a look at.  The team at SEE 3D is exceptional and you can order this online at Amazon as well.

Filson Wool Fingerless Gloves

Filson Gloves

FILSON has been known for creating great gear since 1897.  Any hunter who has been hunting for more than five years has heard the name FILSON and can almost certainly name a number of items they would not mind having right out of the pages of the FILSON catalog.  These fingerless gloves are no exception.  They actually have two versions of these gloves.  One is a standard wool like the ones pictured  and another set made out of Bison Wool which are a little warmer, a touch less itchy and double the price.  We love them both, so if the receiver of your gift has been exceptional this year, consider the upgrade. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to look around at the wealth of other great products on the FILSON site.

WORK SHARP Guided Field Sharpener

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener

We have had one of these Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpeners in our packs for the last two years and they are excellent tools to have with you in the field.  Gutting and skinning deer is tough on a knife and keeping a razor sharp knife is the safest thing you can do when you are working in the field.  The Work Sharp also fits quite nicely into the tackle box and has the ability to sharpen hooks.  These make great gifts at a very reasonable price and any sportsman will appreciate having a quality sharpener like this.  Check ’em out at Work Sharp Tools or order them from Amazon.

RAMCAT Broadheads

Ramcat Broadheads

Ramcat is a fixed broadhead that flies just like a field point when shot from your bow regardless of the speed.  The Airfoil System creates accuracy regardless of speed. The Ramcat broadheads are lethal and deadly with penetration and deep cutting action.  We like them because they fly straight and hit hard which is all that really matters to us.  These are the perfect gift for the archery hunter in your life.  Check out the Ramcat broadheads.

Sig Sauer Electro Optics KILO2400ABS


We get to play with some pretty darn cool toys on a regular basis.  The SIG SAUER Electro Optics KILO2400ABS is one of the coolest toys we have had the opportunity to play with.  The truth is this is no toy; it really is the most ADVANCED rangefinder ever developed for civilian use.  It comes with an embedded Applied Ballistics calculator, onboard environmental sensors and Bluetooth for synchronizing custom profiles with a free, downloadable ballistic app for your iOS or Android smartphone. The KILO kit includes a tripod adapter, smartphone jack WindMETER, ballistic nylon Molle kit bag and nylon carry pouch, lanyard, 3 spare batteries, and a SIG SAUER Tactical pen/stylus.  With the right education, this is one of the tools that can help someone zero in on long range shooting and hunting.  For the hunter who wants the very best.  SIG SAUER Electro Optics KILO2400ABS.

Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .410

Henry Lever Action 410The Henry Repeating Arms Lever Action .410 is just an absolute jewel to shoot.  Sometimes hunting with a 20 gauge or 12 gauge is just too much gun and sometimes shooting those rifles is not conducive to introducing new hunters and shooters to the sport.  The lever action .410 is fun to shoot with low recoil and a really great frame that is extremely easy to fall in love with.  If you have family who loves to hunt small game and upland game or know of individuals who are new to hunting on your gift list, this is absolutely a gift they will cherish on Christmas morning. In fact, it will be a gift they will cherish in 20, 40 or 60 years from now.  Take a serious look at this Henry, we are absolutely smitten with the .410 Lever Action Shotgun.

We hope you have enjoyed our gift list. If you use our 2017 Hunting Holiday Gift List or you believe we left an item off of our list, please share your comments below. And please share this list with your friends.  If you found a great gift on our list and you want to tell us the story about it, please drop us a note below as well.


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