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2019 HuntingLife Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to our 2019 holiday gift guide.  Each year we work to compile a list of ideas for the holidays that would make just about any hunter excited to open one of these great gifts.  Some of these links will be affiliate links and a good majority of them are not affiliate links and some companies have provided gear for us to test in 2019 however our inclusion of any company in this list is truly our decision and no companies paid us any fees or sponsored our gift guide in any way shape or form. 

onX Hunt App

OnX was our most used app in regards to hunting in 2019 so it stands to reason that this membership would be first on our list.  onX Hunt covers 985 million acres of public land and more than 121 million acres of private property.  Hunters and outdoorsmen are able to use their mobile phones as a GPS, tracking their movements, delving through different topographic maps with unique applications for hunting, fishing, hiking and more.  onX is breaking new ground this month with a partnership with Weather Underground providing localized weather that has never been seen before at this level in a hunting app.  App features include public/private boundaries, a Wind & Weather feature, Offline Mode, a Historic Wildfire Layer, Shareable Markups, Photo Waypoints, and the ability to sync data across desktop, tablets and mobile

Maven Binoculars

We had the opportunity to test out the 15X56 over the fall deer season.  We were given a pair of loaners and allowed to use them for over the entirety of the season.  As a glassing optic, the 15X56 or the B.5 18X56 binoculars are the bomb.  They are heavy and solid in your hands and when glassing big country they were easier to use than breaking out a spotting scope which Maven also makes very well.  These are not the optics you want in your tree stand and using them without a base or in high winds is problematic.  Of course Maven has a wide variety of optics to choose from and we found these optics were easy to adjust, easy to use and as solid as they come.  Early morning clarity was exceptional, check them out at

MyCharge Adventure Portable Chargers

Over the last year we have had the opportunity to use and test out a variety of the myCharge Aventure Portable Chargers and the MyCharge Camping Lantern Power Bank.  These are not lightweight chargers, they are solid performers and our favorite is the AdventureMega-C that comes with USB C as well as standard USB charging so you can fast charge your Iphone X or Samsung Galaxy quickly and with 20,100mAh you have the power to last days.  I carry two of these into camp for the week with the MyCharge Camping Lantern in my pack and I never have to worry about charging up my devices.  Check these out on Amazon.

OLD Trapper Jerky

Old Trapper makes beef jerky the way it was meant to be. The ingredients behind the company’s 50 years of success are as short as its actual ingredient list: lean high-quality meat, quality seasonings, real wood-fired smoke and a hands-on manufacturing process. Couple that with an affordable price point and Old Trapper’s ability to outlast the competition becomes obvious. Varieties include: Old Fashioned, Peppered, Hot & Spicy and Teriyaki. 

Shinesty Underwear

Hunters need comfortable underwear and hunters do not need white underwear in the hunting woods, in fact no one really needs white underwear.  You might as well have some wild patterns on some of the softest fabric known to man with the stitching in all the right places to keep you comfortably moving forward.  They have several patterns that will make diehard hunters laugh and they will smile even bigger once they try them on.  We also got you all a $20.00 dollar coupon to try these out so claim your cash and get some of these comfy boxers.  They also have a ton of crazy wild party outfits as well if that is your thing.

Muck Boot Company Boots      

This year, we had the opportunity to test out the Fieldblazer Classic and the women’s Hale Muck Boots and found both to be exceptional.  The women’s Hale Boot is a multi-season boot that is great for everyday use and most hunting situations.  They come in a variety of colors and they are lightweight which our reviewer really liked.  The PK mesh lining draws moisture away from your feet on warmer days and we tested them in the hot spring turkey season as well as our crisp fall/winter blended days and they held up in snow, mud and rain.  The Men’s Fieldblazer Classic boots offer a superb fit and functionality with a Mossy Oak camouflage pattern for concealment and a roll down Blaze Orange Lining.  The durable quick cleaning sole is easy to work with and quick to hose off.  These boots are keepers.


When these first entered our house early this year, I took a couple of these to use to organize my pack. I grabbed one to toss in snacks and another around my binoculars and one around my camera. They have about a thousand uses including but not limited to laundry, transporting vegetables, shopping bags, organization, holding gadgets. You can us them for holding the tenderloins and heart of the deer you just took or sliding in that beautiful pheasant or duck that you want to take to the taxidermist. They are reusable, they are eco-friendly(It’s not a bad word.) and they are responsibly made and have a lifetime warranty. Purifyou has hit it out of the park with these small mesh bags. You can also get Purifyou bags on Amazon.

Morakniv Companion Spark

Morakniv Companion Spark

I first ran across this knife at the Outdoor Retailer show this year and having had some previous experience with Morakniv we jumped at the chance to test it out. This is the knife you want to throw in your pack if you want a do everything knife that can handle anything you want to throw at it including splitting wood, prying apart objects, gutting a deer, breaking down bones and as a survival knife. The companion fire starting rod and the ability to attach paracord and insert fire starter into the handle makes this a do everything survival tool and at a price point under $30.00 you have no reason not to just beat the heck out of it and use it as a tool. Get these on Amazon or direct at

High Camp FireLight 375 Flask

High Camp Firelight Flasks

The High Camp Halflight Flask allows you to bring your favorite beverage, wine or cocktail to any outdoor activity. It comes with an insulated tumbler that keeps your drinks cool or hot depending on your preference. The flared mouth is drip free, the lid is leak free, it is easy to fill and the cup is magnetic. You will not ever need another flask in your life and the tumbler holds 11 oz and the flasks come in 2 sizes 375 and 750 and 3 colors. These are absolutely perfect for that fireside cocktail. Check them out at High Camp Flasks.

The Ultimate Guide to Butchering, Smoking, Curing, Sausage, and Jerky Making

The Ultimate Guide to Butchering, Smoking, Curing, Sausage, and Jerky Making by Philip Hasheider is a detailed book that covers everything from domestic livestock to wild game and venison. I referenced this book several times this season while butchering venison and prepping meat for the smoker, making sausage and prepping meat for jerky which I usually make in mid-January. This reference book is a great tool when you are ready to process meat for the winter months ahead. Pick it up at Amazon.

Pheasant Dogs

Pheasant Dogs by Keith R. Crowley

As I start my own journey into pheasant hunting in 2020, with the birth of my first real sporting dog, getting this book was an eye opener and continues to sit on my coffee table and as the night wears down, I pick it up and with my young pup at my feet, I am surrounded by kindred spirits filled with knowledge and some of the best bird dog photography in the country. When Keith Crowley was a teenager, his first bird dog was an English springer named Briar. Today, decades later, Keith is a professional outdoor writer and photographer whose stunning images of wildlife from Africa to Alaska have won many awards. With 350 some odd pages to thumb through, I am enjoying the opportunity to read about these hunters, trainer and field trial enthusiasts. I have already learned a ton from these interviews. The passion each of these individuals have for their dogs, the breeds they are passionate about and the stories and memories they have come to life in this great book. If your passionate about sporting dogs, this book is exceptional. Purchase this direct from Wild River Press.

LynQ The Peoples Compass

LynQ Peoples Compass

Compasses are amazing gifts and many of them can take you to the North Pole but can they help you find your wife in the next drainage. The LynQ helps to provide the distance and direction to your people whether your are in crowds, remote areas, the mountains, festivals are just out on the prairie. These units have one button operation, range out to 3 miles, are easy to read, can work with up to 12 units so large families can use them as well as large groups like scouts. Battery life on these units last 3 days and they have a built in clip-on caribiner for attachment to gear and clothes. When someone goes too far, a safe zone notification can be set up. These award winning units are impressing the best and the brightest in the outdoor unit. Check them out at and they just came off of one of the most successful indiegogo campaigns ever.

Mountain Khaki Canyon Cords

Looking for a pair of dress pants that can work in the field just as well as they can work in the office for the outdoor dad, these pants fit the bill. The stretch cord moves with you and provides freedom to work whether that is jet setting around the country or chasing quail on a quick afternoon hunt. Mountain Khaki has a wide variety of pants even if cords are not your thing. Check them out at

CatTongue Grips

We picked up a couple of these samples earlier this year at Outdoor Retailer as well as a roll of their outstanding Non-Abrasive Grip Tape. The grip tape quickly made it’s way onto a ton of gear and the phone grip tape helps to keep the phone in your hands and not on the ground skipping across the pavement or bouncing around the cab of your truck. We tested out the grips on a muzzleloader this year and our gloves stuck to our rifle as we stalked in on a mule deer. Easy to apply and easy to remove. Check out the grips from CatTongue and we bet you will come up with even more uses for them than we did.

Pelican MPD40 40 Liter Convertible Duffel

2019 saw us doing a lot of small trips around the country which allowed us to fly in, do a little work, experience a little adventure and get back on a plane or jump back in the truck and get home. The Pelican Mobile Protect MPD40 was simply outstanding to use as we got the chance to take these small trips. The MPD40 has a water resitant DWR coated 1000D Nylon Shell, PU coated YKK zippers, compression molded EVA impact zones, loop and lock zipper for the media pocket, handles galor, backpack straps to throw it over your shoulder, an internal laptop sleeve and compression straps on the side to tie in your jacket and the bag has the same Pelican Lifetime Guarantee that we have depended on for years. Check these bags out at or get this from Amazon with Prime.

SoloStove Bonfire

We picked up one of these this fall. I picked it up because honestly we have a tree that sheds branches and sticks every year and we can’t really have a traditional fire pit in our yard so this unit fit all of the check boxes. We can take it anywhere because it is insanely portable, I don’t have to worry about digging a fire pit, it works great on top of grass without burning, the ashes stay in the unit until you choose to flip it over and the fire is mesmerizing when it burns and the kids really like watching the flame. It burns really clean with minimal smoke and it’s darn easy to cook a marshmallow over this unit. It’s a win with the family and gets everyone outside around the campfire as a family. Check out the SoloStove Bonfire.

Smoke Shack Jerky and Smoked Stachios

We connected with the team at Smoke Shack Jerky prior to hunting season and they sent us out a sample packet. The jerky is exceptional and is some of the best that we have had the opportunity to eat but the absolute bomb are these spicy-smoky pistachios. They are absolutely addicting and I had to kind of horde them because everyone that tried them reached for more and I wanted them all to myself. So if you are going to order some of these for Christmas gifts, order yourself at least 2 bags of these for yourself or you might be looking for additional gifts. These really are that good!! Oh and the smoked PUMPKIN SEEDS…Don’t even get me started. ALL available on AMAZON.

Firedisc Seasoning

If you are lucky enough to own one of the Firedisc Cookers you already know that these cookers are a veritable all in one cooker made to cook just about anything outdoors. This year they came out with a whole line of seasonings that we have been using outdoors as well as indoors and these are absolutely not limited to use with the Firedisc Cooker. We have gone through a whole bottle of the CHA CHA CHA Chili seasoning and we just reordered the entire collection. Pick out the six pack of spices and get the whole collection.

Knog Bandicoot Headlamp

We picked up one of these because our resident Boy Scout needed a new headlamp. We picked it up because it looked cool and came at a price point that was right in the ballpark that was not going to break the bank if this thing got broken. With 4 dynamic light options, up to 100 lumens and completely rechargeable. The silicone housing is super easy to maintain and at only 60 grams it is easy to slip on your head and does not weigh you down. The Knog Bandicoot is waterproof and can handle just about anything you can throw at it. Check them out on Amazon.


This summer I needed a pack that would be big enough to carry everything from my camera to my laptop, tech, batteries, lunch, work out gear(who am I kidding), coffee, waterbottles, etc and be a full scale UTILITY PACK for everything from flights to running across town to work at the local coffee shop. The capacity on this pack is 30 Liters which is not to much that you won’t carry it. The compartments inside have a ton of use, most are zippered and easy to access, the top-pocket will hold your glasses, eyewear and passport going through security, there is a water resistant zip pocket for quick storage of wet garments, and it holds two waterbottles so I can have one for coffee and one for water. Check these out at ROKA.COM.

Metal Art of Wisconsin Freedom Cabinet

We got one of these, actually we got two of them sent to us. We are not even sure how they got sent to us but someone really liked us and they showed up via Fedex one afternoon. These took up a ton of room in my office for about a week before I figured out they must of come from a PR company working with Metal Art of Wisconsin. We gave the really big one to the Omaha VFW Post to use as a fundraiser and we kept the small one. These things are absolutely awesome. They take a little bit of effort to figure out what exactly you want to put inside of it, trace it, cut out the foam and then install it but once you do and you walk up to it with the RFID card and it opens up, you kind of feel like saying the pledge of allegiance. God Bless this country and thank you to Metal Art of Wisconsin for making this Freedom Cabinet. These make AWESOME GIFTS…Check out Freedom Cabinets.

Walls Ditchdigger Work Pant

I have three pairs of these in the three different colors that they make in these pants and if they made more colors, I would own them too. These pants are very well built and are extremely comfortable. These are made with a cotton stretch duck material and are made with deep huge pockets and a right side cell phone pocket. The double knees ensure these pants are going to last and I have no fear hunting upland game, working on the yard or jumping on the tractor with these pants. Get them from Walls or Amazon.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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