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A Guide for Hunting Deer in Rainy Conditions

In the Midwest, hunters spend the entire week prior to Thanksgiving hunting whitetail deer. In the South, there are numerous private hunting ranches where you can hunt deer and other animals for sport and meat. While deer hunting happens coast to coast, it’s a little different everywhere you go.

What never seems to change or be different in this sport is that hunters will hunt no matter the weather. Rainy conditions, while inconvenient, are a great environment for deer hunting. Fortunately, you can still hunt your deer and stay dry too.

The Waterproof Camo Tarp

Sneaking up on the deer by being below the ground is one way to get a deer. It is also a great way to utilize a camouflage print tarp. The tarp looks like leaves and dirt on the ground, and it is waterproof enough that you can stay under it the entire wet day while hunting. All you have to do is dig yourself a little sitting pit, pull the tarp over the top, and sit underneath. Using a little netting and a few sticks to prop up the tarp, you can see out to spot deer approaching and get off an upward kill shot.

The Custom Hunting Canopy

Deer rarely look directly up, which is why a custom hunting canopy overhanging your tree stand is perfect. Custom canopies like those from Instent Industries keep you protected from the elements without compromising your cover or limiting your view. You will stay quite dry in your tree stand, even if it is absolutely pouring out.

The Hunting Tower with Open Cabin

If you have the time, supplies, tools, and patience, you can build a hunting tower equipped with an open cabin on top. Essentially it resembles a child’s playhouse at the top of the tower, but it is erected so high up that any deer coming by would never notice it or distinguish it apart from several other surrounding tall trees. The small cabin at the top allows you to see deer for miles, and shoot from a very safe and covered distanced.

Camouflaged Rain Slickers/Ponchos
Maybe you don’t quite have a tree stand or a tower or an ambush hole in the ground. If you are working with the bare basics in terms of hunting clothing and equipment, you might want to pick up some camouflaged blankets that double as rain slickers or ponchos. They will help the rest of your hunting clothes stay dry (for the most part) although you may still experience a soaked head and/or soaked feet and lower legs where the slickers or ponchos do not cover.

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