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A Quick Reminder on Tree Stand Safety

Did you know that 86% of tree stand accidents in North America are avoidable? That’s right!  The vast majority of all tree stand injuries and fatalities can be avoided by simply wearing a tree stand safety harness and using a lifeline.

Here at, we’re committed to your safety. Next time you hit the stand, be sure to remember the ABCs of tree stand safety: 

A – Always inspect your equipment before using. 
B – Buckle your harness securely. 
C – Connect before your feet leave the ground.

Staying safe when hunting from tree stands isn’t rocket science. Here are some tips to stay safe this year:

  • Stay connected. No, we’re not talking about cell coverage (but that is a good idea too.) Just over 60% of falls occur while hunters are climbing up, down, or on/off of the stand. Wearing a safety harness isn’t enough. You need a lifeline from the time your feet leave the ground until they touch back down again.
  • Take your time. The majority of falls are from a missed step, poor grip, or other human error. There’s no reason to rush; take your time. Make sure your grip is firm and footing is solid before each move, especially during inclement weather.  Always maintain three points of contact; two hands/one foot or two feet/one hand. 
  • Use a gear hoist. Your hands and back should be free when climbing into and out of your stand. Once you’re in the stand, pull your gear up properly using a haul line that’s rated appropriately for the weight of your gear.  
  • Submit a hunt plan. Tell a friend or family member when and where you’ll be hunting (one that won’t reveal your secret spot). If you have cell service, text them when you’re about to climb up, and then again when you’re in the stand safely. Rinse and repeat for your descent.

Lastly, feel free to take our FREE tree stand safety course

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