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Amazing Combo Hunt Opportunity in Alberta

Brian Larsen of Palmer Ranch in Alberta just sent me a note confirming that they have a reduced price combination Hunt for Whitetail and Mule Deer available for this year.  They only have one slot open for this combination hunt and the price is a fantastic $5,000.00.

Deals like this do not come along very often and this deal is exceptional.  Hunting Whitetail on the Palmer Ranch normally runs $3,500.00 and the opportunity to take a world class Mule Deer along with a trophy Whitetail on this hunt for such an amazing price is unheard of.

Get on the phone and call Brian at 250-423-5887 or email him at

You can take a look at his listing and pictures here.

The Palmer Ranch is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in southwest Alberta just outside of Waterton National Park. Arguably the most scenic topography in western Canada. The landscape is a mix of river valley, ridges, and grasslands with bordering grain fields surrounded by mountains. The ranch is home to a large herd of whitetail and mule deer which travel between cover along the valley bottom and adjacent fields where they graze. The Ranch lands close proximity to forested terrain, and the strength of the local herds, is certain to attract dominant bucks to the private property during the fall rut.

All of our hunts are “fair chase”, utilizing a combination of four wheel transport, spot and stalk, plus sit and wait hunting in strategic locations. At the Palmer Ranch we are focussed on quality rather quantity and only sell a few hunts each season. Hunts are generally one on one but we will perform two to one guide hunts as well. We have had 100 percent success on our deer hunts. Your guide will have a very good idea of the best deer in the region and will direct you to the best situation possible in any given year.

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