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Professional shooters and prominent brand ambassadors Ryan and Dianna Muller announce their 2022 Ambassador Academy dates. February 26 through March 2, 2022, marks the fourth year of the experiential learning event that brings subject matter experts together for instruction on a myriad of topics. Developed for brand ambassadors and industry influencers to improve communications skills, the Ambassador Academy takes place at the West Orlando Firearms Training complex (W.O.F.T.). W.O.F.T.’s state-of-the-art campus is recognized as one of the U.S.’s top five personal defense training facilities by the USCCA.

“The Ambassador Academy program is geared towards brand ambassadors in the firearms industry and is not limited to just sponsored shooters,” according to co-founder Dianna Muller. “Everyone from the shooting industry that joins us will leave the classes well-versed and better prepared to have effective conversations and the most modern content generation skills,” she added.

As students learn how to build the most useful assets for their partner’s brands and their personal brands, the Ambassador Academy curriculum also dives into valuable techniques and strategies that support the Second Amendment and those issues that surround the right to bear arms.

Renowned Instructors

Ambassador Academy instructors are well-regarded and offer a broad range of experience and expertise.

  • The communications sessions are led by accomplished journalist Catherine Mortenson and popular influencer Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter. Among other topics, they will teach students how to handle both friendly and hostile conversations related to firearms issues.
  • Learners not only benefit from the social media knowledge and proficiency of T.J. Kirgin of Danger Close Media, but he will review and supply advice on students’ business models and their current branding.
  • Beth Walker, content creator, and scriptwriter for Arsenal Media will add her skillset to the social media block and assist attendees’ professional photography sessions.
  • The technology of modern smartphones offers everyone the capability of producing high-quality content. The only missing part is the knowledge of how to capture and edit.
  • Filmmaker Kevin Starkey will work with each student and offer instruction on capturing visually appealing content. He will teach them how to edit, formulate audio, voiceovers, and even include jingles.
  • For the second year, World and National Champion Lena Miculek will instruct the live-fire portion. Students are not required to be competitive shooters to benefit from her training.

Live-fire range time isn’t the only shooting to take place during Ambassador Academy. During the event, professional photographers are on hand to catch everything, including candid scenes, professional headshots, action photography, and product images. Students leave the Academy with a portfolio of valuable assets.

Personal Defense Training

Ambassador Academy students begin the five-day program learning how to be a ‘hard target’ during a full day of personal protection, scenario-based training, that is the specialty of W.O.F.T. From flashlights to UTM munition and force-on-force, students practice making life and death decisions without the lifetime of consequences.

“W.O.F.T. feels more like a resort than a range. That makes it difficult to get students to leave at the end of the day!” said co-founder and event chef Ryan Muller. “Students definitely get their money’s worth of education, but they will feel like they are drinking from a firehose.”

Tuition of $3,500 includes five days of instruction from industry professionals. The fee consists of housing, two meals per day, use of UTM gear and ammo, a swag bag valued at $250, and a custom Techwear class jersey. Students can take advantage of the early bird special, which is $250 off the $3,500 tuition if they register before December 1, 2021.

“Join us for an intimate event that prepares you to be a more effective influencer,” Muller added. “Class size is limited to 16 students, so register soon.” 

To learn more about the Ambassador Academy, visit, or contact Dianna Muller at

About the Ambassador Academy

The annual event gathers subject matter experts who teach brand ambassadors to be useful representatives for their corporate partners and more effective industry influencers. Instructional sessions feature social media strategy and analytics, filming and editing, on-camera interview techniques, hostile communication strategies, Second Amendment advocacy training, and professional photography sessions. The Ambassador Academy offers customized programs for organizations requiring exclusive training for their staff, brand ambassadors, or executives. Click here to watch an informational video.

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