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Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme Huntress

Interview with Angie Tennison

When did you first start hunting?

Looking back in my memory bank I can honestly not recall a time when I wasn’t hunting.Growing up hunting season was the only acceptable time to miss school or church services.   I may not have been allowed to pull the trigger on a big game animal until I was 12 years old (the legal hunting age in Montana when I was young) but I was always hunting. My father was an avid hunter and moved to Montana to live the outdoor dream before I was born.  I grew up learning gun safety and my sister and I frequently set up targets made of hay bales to shoot at with our bows.  For me the outdoors and hunting has always been part of who I am. 


Who mentored you and what did you learn from this person?

Typical of a daughter born to a Hunting father with no sons, it was my Dad who mentored and instilled in me my love of hunting.  The most important thing he taught me was to have fun. If he hadn’t made hunting with him and my sister an enjoyable experience I would have never grown to love it.  There are a lot of ego driven individuals in the hunting industry and its easy to let that control you.  I’m lucky my father is not that type of man. He put away his ego and devoted himself to his children.  Thankfully my father shares my sense of humor and regarless of success or failure we always found a way to laugh.  No matter what the day would bring for us in the woods we always took away a memory.


When did you first attempt the Extreme Huntress Competition?

It was late summer 2010 and I was preparing for a Grizzly bear and moose hunt in Northern BC when my sister, and life long hunting partner, sent me an email about the Extreme Huntress Contest. She told me she thought I would be perfect for it. I told her she would, but she disagreed.  She said there was no way she could be in front of cameras if she won.  She figured that wouldn’t bother me so she wanted me to try but gave me the stipulation that if I won she got to go with me on the trip to New Zealand.  A hunt with Fraser Safaris for Red Stag was the dream hunt offered to the winner the year I competed in the contest.  


What changed between the time that you first competed to this year’s competition?

When I competed in the Extreme Huntress Contest it was in its second season, and I was only the 2nd women to win the coveted title.  The year I competed it was a completely different format then how the extreme huntress contest is done today. I did not have to compete in person with other women in a skills event like I did this year.  Competing head to head with three other very accomplished ladies was a whole new experience for me. It turned out to be such an amazing and unforgettable opportunity that I felt like a winner just for being chosen to compete. 


What have you learned about yourself having gone through this competition?

Anytime you are exposed to a new experience you grow and expand your mind.  My trip to the FTW and being given the opportunity to work with their incredibly talented and dedicated staff I learned details of how I shoot and what I did that compromised my shots. They opened my eyes to the importance of even the smallest details of your form and concentration when you are preparing to take a shot.  In Africa I learned that I am spoiled.  The everyday life that living in America allows us to have makes many people oblivious to what life is actually like for people less fortunate than us. This was not something I was expecting when I dreamed of my African safari , but it made one of the greatest impacts on me.


What part of the competition did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the people. No matter what, win, lose or draw I still feel I won. I met people that without this competition I would have never connected with and now have friendships with that I know will last a life time. To be around individuals who deeply respect and share your passion and commitment to the outdoors and wildlife conservation was such an unbelievable opportunity and blessing. 


What would you like to say to women who are interested in hunting?

Do it, just try it, and above all have fun! You will have success and you will have failure.  Don’t get discouraged.  Just get outside and learn about wildlife and conservation.  You will be amazed at what is out there. Ask questions and do not be afraid of what someone might think of you, this isn’t about them. It is about you.


You have come under heavy attack on social media and elsewhere for your hunting and for being a part of Extreme Huntress.  What would you like to say to the general public and what would you like to say to the anti-hunters?

Everyone knows that to keep conversation polite you should never talk about Religion or politics.  I have learned that Hunting could probably be added to that duet.  Just like religion and politics the topic of hunting sparks very strong emotions no matter what side of the fence you’re standing on and politeness seems to go out the window in a lot of circumstances.  As a hunter and someone who loves the animals and outdoors I have learned the best response to anti-hunters is a calm and educated one. You may never change their opinion just as they may never change yours, but they can learn to respect you and that respect may lead to understanding.   If we want to be heard, first we must listen.  We need to understand where they are coming from and listen to why they feel the way they do.  I want the public and anti-hunters to know that not all hunters are the same. There are good and bad in every avenue of life but true conservationists respect the land and the animals and work to protect it. 


How can people vote for you and support and follow you on social media?

My name is Angie Tennison.  It’s that simple, no fancy handles on social media.  Look me up by my name and shoot me a message, send me a friend request, and follow my posts.  I am always willing to connect with new Hunters, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiasts.  I must warn you, I spend more time in the woods away from WiFi and cell service than I do in it, but I promise I do check in when I’m back in civilization. 

Follow the Extreme huntress contest through the website  their facebook and instagram post along with many other media outlets. Voting takes place at the extreme huntress website and all votes must be validated  by the voter clicking the link in a separate email from Crowd signal for their vote to count.

    • What is one question that you wished we had asked and why? 
      • I wish you would have asked me my favorite type of candy….. then maybe if I found some crazy fans that wanted to send me some goodies they would know what I like.  hahahah  (its purple skittles) 

Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme Huntress Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme Huntress

Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme Huntress
Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme Huntress

Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme HuntressExtreme Huntress Angie Tennison Ultimate Extreme Huntress


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