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Annual Glenn St. Charles Award Presented at Boone and Crockett Big Game Awards

175 Inch Non-Typical Columbia Blacktail wins prestigious award.

Pope and Young, North America’s leading bowhunting conservation organization is pleased to announce the recipient of the coveted Glenn St. Charles award.  The award is reserved for exceptional bowhunting entries within the Boone and Crockett record books. This year’s award went to Tavis Rogers for his impressive 175 0/8-inch Non-Typical Columbia Blacktail.  The presentation was made at the annual Boone and Crockett big game awards banquet held this past weekend in Springfield, Missouri.  

“It’s just humbling to even see an animal in this class, of any species,” stated Tavis Rogers. “It’s a deer of many lifetimes and it was a real blessing to get the chance to spend time hunting him, much less get an arrow in him. My sincere thanks go to Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young for all of the work they do in conserving the big game animals of North America and protecting our privilege to hunt them. I’ve hunted in other countries and none of them have what North America has to offer. I attribute that to the tireless efforts of these amazing organizations.”

Tavis Rogers entered this truly amazing, 175 0/8-inch Columbia Blacktail in the 31st annual Boone and Crockett Big Game Awards Program. Shot with his bow in Oregon, this deer is one of those once in a lifetime trophy that is deserving of any and all recognition that can be given.

“You hear about these kinds of deer, and it’s kind of hard to believe until you get to see it” stated Dylan Ray, Pope and Young Marketing Director. “It truly is special when we get to recognize an animal like this.” 

Tavis recently joined Jason Rounsaville and Dylan Ray of Pope and Young on the Pope and Young Podcast to talk about the hunt, what it’s like even seeing a deer of this quality, and how humbling it is to receive an award like this. Tune in HERE, or wherever you get your podcasts to listen to Ep. 80: Tavis Rogers and hear the incredible story of this truly special deer. 
Pope and Young is North America’s leading bowhunting conservation organization. If you are a fair chase, ethical bowhunter, and you care about preserving the culture and future of bowhunting, then you belong to the Pope and Young.  Join today at

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