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Annual Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Fun day

The Annual Zimbabwe Professional Hunters and Guides Fun day took place at the local Bulawayo Gun Club. Where a flurry of loyal supporters spent the afternoon shooting clays.

This was followed by a braai sponsored by Lance Nesbitt. A very big thank you to Bruce Watson along with other members of the Association.

We were fortunate enough to have the pleasure of Mr. John Boretsky from SCI who taught us Zimbabweans a little about the art of Clay shooting.

On Friday the 4th of December, the annual hunters ball and prize giving was held at the Nesbitt Castle.
The trophy awards were presented by Mr. Edward Katzke, the current president of PHASA.

The best hunter overall was won by Clifton Walker for consistently good quality trophies bagged by his clients.

The best lion award went to Richard Cooke who also won the best sable award.

The best antelope award went to Gary Duckworth. The best buffalo went to Frik Muller of ProSaf. The best elephant went to Chris Burton of ProSaf. The best leopard went to Mark Butcher of Matupula Hunters. The best aquatic animal went to Shaun Buffee of Martin Pieters Safaris.
The best big game trophy taken outside of Zimbabwe was won by Brian van Blerk. The best antelope taken outside of Zimbabwe was won by John Greef. The best guide out of proficiency went to Nicholas Gaunjie from The Hide.

The “Skippy” award went to Ross Johnston for his hour long stalk and “kill” of a dead hippo cow.

Worker of the Year for 2009 went to Anthony Crick. Notable guests this year included Mr. John Boretsky. Mr. Edward Katzke from PHASA and Dr. M.Z. Mtsambiwa, Director General of National Parks. After fundraising, awards and a fantastic meal, we enjoyed the humor of renowned South African comedian John Vlismas.

A very big thank you to Sally and Emmie from SOAZ for their continued dedication and support towards SOAZ and the ZPHGA.

We would also like to thank our very generous donors, which include:
SCI, Katzke Safaris,, African Sporting Gazette, Reno Vein Clinic, Taxidermy Enterprises, Timberland, Safariland Taxidermy, Thule Car Rack South Africa, Silver Legacy Hotel, Bumi Hills Safari Lodge, The Hide, Nesbitt Castle, Martin Pieters, Clifton Walker and Mr. Welman, Joe Wright, Big 5 Wines, Greenvale.

Thanks to all of our members who donated cash and services towards making this year’s ball a huge success. A huge thank you goes to Mr. Charl Grobbler for his dedication and commitment towards SOAZ and ZPHGA over the past 12 years.

A final thank you to Candy Pieters and Karen Johnston for another successful ball.

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