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Armasight Unleashes the Night with Exclusive PVS-14 Magnifier Bundle Promotion

Armasight, the trailblazer in Thermal and Night Vision, ignites Q1 with an exclusive dealer promotion. Introducing the PVS-14 Pinnacle Elite and Magnifier Bundle – an unbeatable offer for enhanced vision in any scenario.

Customers purchasing an Armasight PVS-14 Pinnacle Elite during the promotion period will receive a complimentary 3x and 6x magnifier. Here’s how the bundle solves three key challenges:

Enhanced Target Identification: Whether in overwatch positions or scouting unfamiliar terrain, users can now zoom in with precision for enhanced target identification, ensuring optimal tactical advantage.

Versatile Stargazing and Observation: The magnifiers aren’t just limited to tactical use; they’re also perfect for stargazing and observing the night sky. Explore the cosmos with unparalleled clarity and detail.

Improved Tactical Awareness: Gain better tactical awareness of distant targets with the added magnification, enabling users to identify threats and navigate challenging environments with confidence.

These compact and lightweight magnifiers easily attach to the front end of the PVS-14, providing users with flexibility and convenience. Whether mounted on a helmet or worn around the neck, the magnifiers offer unparalleled versatility and ease of use.

The promotion is valid now through March 31, 2024, and eligible products include the PVS-14 Pinnacle Elite, PVS-14 Pinnacle Elite 2376, and PVS-14 Pinnacle Elite Helmet Bundle.

For more information and to take advantage of this promotion, visit

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