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The ATA held its first in-person Bow Technician Certification practical assessment on June 14-15 in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, and seven participants passed.

Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, tested the students alongside Steve VanZile, director at the George Chapman School of Archery, and acknowledged the accomplishment for all those involved. 

“This is an incredible milestone and achievement for the ATA and our first few certified bow technicians,” Smith said. “We’ve gotten great feedback from members that this course helped them expand their knowledge and feel more confident in their skills. The practical gives us the opportunity to see the technicians applying the skills in a real-world setting. Better yet, an industry certification tells customers the technician is both qualified and capable of providing exceptional service.”

Among the graduates was Casey McFadden, owner of RxArchery in Ohio. He found value in the course and feels more comfortable working on customers’ bows. 

“I’ve been running the shop for two years and I don’t have someone checking my work,” he said. “Passing the course validates my skills as a bow technician. It’s good to know what I’m doing is accurate and legit.”

McFadden found a renewed sense of confidence through the ATA’s Bow Technician Certification course. He also learned new skills and is expanding the services he offers customers, including things like third axis adjustment of a bow sight. 

The Bow Technician Certification course is ideal for bow technicians of all skill levels and years of experience. No matter how long you’ve been a bow technician, having the certification validates your skills, adds credibility to your shop, reassures customers you know what you’re doing and differentiates your business from competitors.

Each graduate receives a bow technician certification certificate and signs for their store, among other assets to show they’ve mastered bow technician skills.

With dozens of ATA members waiting their turn to take the in-person practical, the ATA is finalizing details for upcoming assessment opportunities in August, October and December. Stay tuned for more information. 

The ATA congratulates the first seven ATA Certified Bow Technicians and invites others to sign up for the ATA Bow Technician Certification course. The certification is a members-only benefit so you must be a member to enroll. To register or learn more about the certification, click here. To become a member, go to

Questions? Please contact Kurt Smith, ATA’s director of industry relations, at

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