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Beginner’s Guide for Wild Life Adventures

Having a wild life and being outdoors with wildlife are two very different things. In this beginner’s guide for wildlife adventures, we will focus on how to get outdoors amongst wildlife and enjoy your adventures.  So many people these days are so focused on work, social media, and the latest binge-worthy television show. But we know there is a need to experience the outdoors and learn about wildlife. Here are some options to get outside and create a wild life focused on the outdoors.

Go Fishing

In every state in the country, there are some pretty good lakes and streams to go fishing.  Many of these lakes, streams, and rivers are open to the public. The folks at Outdoorcommand have created some amazing articles focused on fishing for beginners, and they provide tips to help even the most seasoned angler.  Whether you are looking for ways to catch brown trout, learning about fishing knots, or you need tips on Fall bass baits, the team at Outdoor Command has an article focused to help you.

Go Hiking

Hiking is free, and everyone can get outside and do a little bit of hiking no matter where you live.  There are public trails all over the country. And while not everyone aspires to be a thru-hiker on the Pacific Coast Trail or the Appalachian Trail, there are plenty of rails-to-trails paths to follow all across our great country.

Go Backpacking

Backpacking takes a little more equipment, but it’s basically hiking with a pack, some food, and a sleeping bag.  You can make it really complicated if you choose, but it doesn’t have to be.  Whether you are looking for the lightest tents, packs or gear, it’s not that hard to research equipment.  Our base recommendation is a water-resistant pack with a rain fly, a good sleeping pad and sleeping bag, a decent tent and a way to cook your food.  We like the Jetboil for cooking on our trips.


There is nothing better than pulling into a good campsite, pitching a tent, and starting a good campfire.  Cooking hotdogs and s’mores over an open fire is as relaxing as it gets.  We like the Solo Stove Fire Pit for enjoying a campfire without all of the hassles. The Solo Stove safely contains the fire and coals, and because of the great efficiency of the burn, it produces almost no smoke.  Great for you and great for the nearby campers. A good waterproof tent is essential, and a quality cooler like the ones from Yeti is pretty awesome for cold drinks.

Wildlife Photography

Outdoor and wildlife photography can be challenging for new photographers, but there are some great tips and tricks out there.  Get outdoors and shoot during the golden hours. The golden hours are the first hour of light and the last hour of light in the day.  These changing lights offer you the warmest hue from the sun, and it lights up the world around you. Wildlife does not always cooperate, but just getting outdoors can improve your mood.  Of course, there is no substitute for spending time in the outdoors and shooting a lot of photos. Focus on taking intentional photos, and spend the time to find the right location and the right subject.  Set yourself up to be there to capture the photograph you have in mind.  No matter how you want to experience the wildlife in our country, we hope our list of ways to get outdoors will help you to live your best wild life.

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