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Blaze Your Own Path with Fisher Pen Company’s Newest Cerakote Color – Hi-Vis Orange

New for 2023, Fisher Pen Company® is releasing an exciting new color primed to stand out and be recognized by sportsmen and women, the EDC crowd and all pen enthusiasts alike.

Just in time for fall hunting season, the new Fisher Space Pen in Hi-Vis Orange Cerakote will ensure the pen is as hard to lose as that feeling of being in the great outdoors. Meanwhile, when not in the field, everyday carry essentials will look as sharp and energetic as ever with this new statement color. And finally, the trades professional will value the unparalleled writing instrument with a highly visible external color that’s easy to find in the truck or toolbox. 

Fisher Pen Company® products have always been known for supreme reliability and well-thought-out designs. The company’s overwhelming desire to improve performance, durability and functionality across its pen line led Fisher to begin collaborating with NIC Industries in 2022. In this ambitious project, NIC’s revolutionary Cerakote® technology met Fisher’s classic M4 and Bullet Space Pen. With the success of the initial models in Armor Black, Tungsten, Flat Dark Earth, OD Green and Black Cherry, Fisher presents an exciting new Cerakote color this year that will undoubtedly blaze a whole new trail. 

Flat Dark Earth and Olive Drab Green in the M4 Cap-O-Matic debuted at Shot Show 2023 and drew the attention of tactical and outdoor industry professionals and customers with their attractive new look. Hi-Vis Orange is another new color in the collection and is perfect for hunters, EDC enthusiasts and trade professionals who need a pen that’s guaranteed to work in a color that’s easy to find when the time is right. Never worry again about failing to write when it is time to fill out your license, write a work order or scribble in your journal. 

Fisher Space Pen boasts a near 0% failure rate even in temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Writing over watery surfaces, grease-stained papers or even blood-stained tags are no issue for Fisher Pens. This truly is a pen for anyone in any situation.

This new color is available today on the established and popular M4 Cap-O-Matic series of Fisher Space Pens. The classic M4 Cap-O-Matic is the perfect option to keep in a shirt pocket or notepad via the external clip alongside the push-activated cap. The M4 is the classic workhorse pen for those who need a reliably simple writing instrument that performs again and again. The durability and simplicity of this pen make for an excellent writing mate out in the field. 

The pen can certainly be mightier than the sword in this modern era when it comes to having the right tools in the field. Ensuring that a pen is durable and reliable for every occasion is a must for those who demand a lot from their hobbies or professions. The new Hi-Vis M4 Cerakote exceeds these requirements while promoting good safety habits. 

Cerakote Cap-O-Matic Space Pen Features:

  • Cap Activation      
  • Brass Composition
  • New Hi-Vis Orange Color
  • Fisher PR4 Cartridge
  • Made in the USA with USA & global materials

Cerakote Cap-O-Matic Space Pen Specs:

  • Length: Open 5.27 in./Closed 5.13 in.
  • Width: .38 in.
  • Weight: .7 ounces
  • Black Ink
  • Medium Point
  • MSRP: $34 in Blister Card, $36 in Gift Box

Fisher Space Pen Co. is a 74-year-old American manufacturer of ballpoint pens, with the notable distinction of being the only ballpoint pen used on every crewed flight into space since Apollo 7 back in 1968 and most recently with SpaceX, Axiom Space and Blue Origin. While pressurized technology made it possible for NASA’s astronauts to write in space, it also provided writing capabilities in all weather, underwater, over oil and grease and from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit. These pens are the perfect tool for trade professionals, first responders, military, rugged outdoor enthusiasts, trekkers, backpackers, industrial manufacturers, underwater divers and anyone who values a pen that doesn’t fail.

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