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Bryce Stone Interview about The Hunter Sight

What is the ‘Hunter Sight’?

The Hunter Sight is an online journal that I created for fellow hunters to document, record, and organize all their hunting information in one location. This is to help an individual or group become more efficient hunters and to achieve their goals. The platform offers a variety of tools not found on the market and is quite versatile that it can be useful to the average Joe, the outfitter, or a landowner.


What separates you from other hunting apps on the market?

There are a lot of apps on the market for a hunter to choose from. Most of which center around functioning as a GPS device for the hunter to navigate with. The ‘Hunter Sight’ is far different from that and offers Hunters a much different set of tools to work with.

First, I must say, we are not an ‘app’ you download on your phone. This is a website, so you access your account information using google chrome or safari internet browsers from any electronic device with internet.

Second, it is true we offer satellite mapping. Satellite mapping is key to organizing, scouting, and planning your hunts. That is a must tool for sure. Where we truly excel or differentiate is our ability for the hunter to upload their game photos and edit the time or date if incorrect when the camera was placed in the field. Sadly, I have made this mistake a couple of times.

More importantly, when a hunter is uploading their game photos into different folders in their ‘Hunter Sight’ account, the program is looking up the historical weather and displays the patterns in our ‘Game Trends’ tool.  Another part of this platform is our easy to use record keeping templates for nutrition and kills. We offer group management using our ‘Hunt Clubs’.


What is this ‘game trends’ tool and how does that work?

Okay, I developed ‘game trends’ because of a particular buck that I was hunting on a 20-acre property.  Basically, this program shows you the frequency of your group of pictures based on time of day, wind direction, and moon phase. This will work with any animal. It is up to the user to group their pictures up in folders and upload them to their ‘Hunter Sight’ account. This works with any brand of game cameras on the market.


That is a pretty cool tool, ‘How does a hunter upload their game photos to their account?’ Does anyone have access to this information?

If a person understands how to upload game photos to their computer, then they will know how to upload game photos to the Hunter Sight. It is super easy. Just click, ‘Upload game photos’ and choose what pictures you want to download and from what location (SD card, desktop, folders, etc)

No one has access to your information. When you sign up to the ‘Hunter Sight’ you are given your own account. You have a username and password, only if you give out this account information will someone be able to access it.

We do offer a separate section we call ‘Hunt Clubs’ where a member can create or join a group to manage a hunting property. For instance, hunters that are on a lease or co-op would greatly benefit from this feature. The group that could get the greatest benefit from this tool would be outfitters and guides.


What are ‘Hunt Clubs’ is this like a social platform?

No, ‘Hunt Clubs’ was not created to be a social platform, though it could be used in that way. Let me explain, ‘Hunt Clubs’ can be named whatever the creator wants to name their group. They will then invite others’ such as lease members, neighbors, or clients to join their group.

In this small community, some of the tools provided are different than what is provided for the individual.  In each group, there is a message board that will help the group communicate and collaborate more efficiently. On the home page, the group can list the ‘lease rules’ or the groups management goals.

Other cool tools are the ability to share information with each other to achieve their goals and improve the overall hunting. Information that is vital to reaching such goals like sharing game photos, kill records, nutrition records, and satellite mapping. The group can upload pictures to create a specific ‘Hit List’ of animals.

Essentially a group can list their goals in the note section on the home page, they can communicate with each other on the message board, they can share game photos and create an agreed upon hit list of animals. They can better educate themselves by sharing kill records and nutrition records with each other.


How does a person get started or is there a free trial version to test out for our readers?


Yes, there is a 14-day free trial version, no payment information necessary. Go to and head to sign up. Look for the free trial version.  There are more features included than the ones we talked about today. Check out my YouTube channel, The Hunter Sight to find videos explaining how everything works.

Thank you for allowing me to share ‘The Hunter Sight’ with you and your community. I appreciate this very much. Those interested in signing up can use the coupon code, ‘THS20’ for 20% off their 1st year subscription.

Hunter Sight Hunter Sight Hunter Sight

Hunter Sight
Hunter Sight

The Hunter Sight

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