CamoFX Face Coloring System is a simple easy to use applicator for camo facepainting while hunting that I am very impressed with.  Over the past several years, I have used compacts and tubes of makeup that have always gone on pretty smoothly but were an absolute pain in the butt to get off.  These little units actually come with 3 colors with Realtree AP HD and APG HD color schemes.

Each unit comes small with 8 great applications per dispenser and the make up goes on smooth and simple with no itching, cakey mess and or skin irritation.  The units propose Easy on and Easy off we found it was extremely easy on.  On my face it actually came off with a simple tissue but on my daughters skin it was a bit tougher to come off was not hard in any aspect.

This unit is small and fits in your front pocket in case you need a touch up in the field so pick up a couple of these and put your Camo Face On!