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Camping 101: Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Tent

The great outdoors can be exciting to experience. The best way to get close to nature is by spending a significant amount of time in the woods and camp out. If you’re planning your camping trip for the first time, anxiety can add to your excitement. For your safety and maximum enjoyment while connecting to nature, tag along experienced campers on the trip or seek their advice before proceeding with this adventure. When buying your camping gears, especially your tent, the common advice you will get is not to compromise quality over savings. Durability and reliability of camping gears can make or break a good camping trip and could decide if you want to continue with camping for years to come.

Quality and Price

When walking into an outdoor goods store, you will be amazed at the many choices for tents offered by the store. Do not be tempted to go for the cheapest available tent in the store. Cheap tents can make a decent installation during fine weather, but when sudden gusts of wind or rain happen, you’ll have a miserable camping stay. Instead, choose something that’s quality made and durable. These types of tents may cost more, but can withstand changes in weather such as rain and wind gusts.

Intended Use of the Tent

The next thing to consider in buying your first camping tent is how it will be utilized. You must know if it will be used for backpacking or for family camping. For family camping, you can choose a large dome or a cabin type tent that has a sufficient floor area to accommodate up to 6 campers. For backpacking, choose something that is lightweight, since you will be carrying it in your backpack. A lightweight freestanding camping tent is the preferred option for backpackers.

Camping Tent Capacity

While there is no industry standard for tent capacity ratings, the best thing you can do is consider choosing a tent that makes room for one or two more occupants. If you’re going to be camping alone, choose one that can fit two people. You can utilize the extra space in your backpack. If you and your girlfriend are planning to go on frequent seasonal camping trips, then choose a tent that can fit 4 people. In the event that you or she brings a pet, there’s still enough room to fit all. The same can be said for family tents. For a family of 4, choose a tent that can fit 6 occupants to give enough space for backpacks and free movement.

Tent Seasonality

The three-season tent is the most versatile option you can have for a tent. It is designed for use in spring, summer, and fall. It also provides protection from heavy rains and strong winds.

Safety Features

Choose a tent that has a rainfly. You can never predict when it will rain, even at a seemingly fine weather. Also, check for complete tent parts. Check if there are missing tent poles and rods. Check for the seal of the seams, as well, if it’s sealed or taped. Sealed seams can help ensure that water will not seep into your tent during a rainy day.

There can be several things to consider before buying your first camping tent. If you can keep in mind these basic points, then you have secured a big part of your camping trip. Having an appropriate and reliable gear and equipment can help campers stay safe outdoors and enjoy those moments of connecting with nature. To make an impressive first outdoor adventure, make sure to have trusty and durable gears and equipment and make sure they are easy to set up. With that in mind, you’re all set for camping.

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