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Carson Optical Review-Team Huntinglife

Field tested by Team HuntingLife Pro Staffers Josh Morrissey, Trevor Simmons, and Taylor Rather

Whether you are scouting, hunting, on a family trip, or just watching birds at your bird feeder, a good pair of binoculars is the key to a better experience.  Carson Optical is a company dedicated to making the best binoculars on the market and for a fraction of the competitors’ prices.   They offer optics to fit anyone’s budget and still hold up to their name and quality standards.

When we had the opportunity to try out some Carson optics for ourselves, we jumped at it!  We field tested three Carson products, which were the Caribou 10x42mm Waterproof binoculars, the Outlaw 10x25mm Compact binoculars, and the Stuff-It SN-50 Microfiber Lens Cloth.  Each product had its own unique qualities. Also, both of the binoculars come with neck straps and cases, which are of great quality compared to most other companies that send a cheap case and a thin, uncomfortable strap.  Let’s just say that our team was extremely impressed with our Carson optics and plan to use them in the field as an essential tool for any type of hunting or outdoor activity.


Caribou 10x42mm Waterproof Binoculars-MO-042

These binoculars offered maximum clarity and ease of use.  The unique texture and grip on the binoculars helps them form perfectly to your hands and eyes.  They offer these binoculars in an awesome Mossyoak Treestand Camouflage for maximum stealth in any environment. On mornings that my hunting buddies would have problems with their expensive binoculars getting all fogged up from the cool morning, I would not have that problem with the Carson binoculars.  Rain, snow, or sleet, these binoculars will withstand some of the most brutal conditions and with the unique waterproofing material Carson used on the Caribou’s, you don’t have to worry about taking them out in these conditions.   If you have had problems with clarity and focus with binoculars you have had in the past, have no more with these easy to use binoculars.  Whether it is a deer at 400 yards or a songbird ten feet in front of you, these binoculars offer quick and easy, crystal clear focus.  Also, low-light situations can be a problem for many people, but the Carson Caribou Binoculars brightens its target so you don’t have to do any more squinting!

Summary: Overall great binoculars for any situation and at a great price!  We would recommend these to anyone!  On a scale of 1-10 overall, these binoculars receive a 10+!
Magnification    10x42mm
Prism                  BAK-4
Lens Coating      Multi-Coated
Field of View     315ft. at 1,000 yards
Eye Relief          16mm
Close Focus       16ft
MSR                   140
Camouflage        Mossyoak Treestand


Outlaw 10x25mm Compact Binoculars-MO-025

The name says it all.  These binoculars are very small and easy to transport, at only 6 oz in weight.  One hand use is easy.  These work perfect for hunting in small areas or watching sporting events.  They offer the same great camouflage pattern that the Caribou’s offer, so don’t lay these down in the woods because they will disappear!  The clarity and brightness is equal to that of the Caribou’s also.  It would be nice if these had the waterproofing, but they still work great in most conditions.

Summary:  These binoculars are like a miniature version of the Caribou’s, except for the waterproofing and grip.  These are a very small and portable set of binoculars for pros or beginners.  These binoculars receive a 9.

Magnification    10x25mm
Prism                  BK-7
Lens Coating      Fully Coated
Field of View     302ft. at 1,000 yards
Eye Relief          10mm
Close focus        13ft.
Weight                6.2oz
MSR                   89
Camouflage        Mossyoak Treestand

Stuff-It Microfiber Lens Cloth

Dirt, dust, and oils are always getting on the lenses of my binoculars and cameras.  This will not happen again, however!  The Stuff-It lens cloth is the most portable and handy lens cleaning tool anyone can have.  The cloth is very fine microfibers that are meant for cleaning lenses without scratching them.  The cloth is connected to a pouch that you can store in your pocket, bag, purse, or anywhere else!    The Stuff-It lens cloth is easy to use, just pull the cloth out to use it and pull the string to get the cloth back in to the pouch, which is very handy for spot and stalk situations!  Nothing will clean the lenses of your binoculars better and you definitely won’t find a handier lens cleaning tool than this.

Summary:  You won’t want to go out in the field without the Stuff-It Microfiber Lens Cloth if you want clean optic lenses.

If your looking for a fantastic set of optics please go check out Carson Optics.

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