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All-Terrain Swivel Hunting Chair – Chama Chair Review

Chama Chairs Swivel Hunting Chair

We first had the opportunity to see the CHAMA All-Terrain Swivel Chair at the 2018 ATA show.  We were impressed with this sturdy chair at that show.  The CHAMA sold out at ATA, and it took us some time to reconnect with team CHAMA.  Boy, are we glad we were able to catch up with team at the NRA show.  We finally got the opportunity to test out this chair over the summer.  The CHAMA swivel chair came with us just about every time we headed outdoors during the last three months.

Dove season opened up on at the beginning of September, and our first real opportunity to put the chair to use in a hunting situation opened up.  Because of the swivel, we could swing that chair right as an adjustable all-terrain chair that levels to any kind of ground cover.  The legs of this chair are built well, and the quick turn adjustable telescoping legs make this chair easy and silent to set up and move.  It works equally well on mud, rocks, snow and even hillsides.  You can always get this chair set up and level on any terrain whether that is rocky ground or on a hillside.  The chair spins a full 360 degrees quietly and smoothly. 

Chama Chairs in the field

I took this chair into the field, pulled it out of the bag, and had the entire chair set up in under two minutes.  While we were waiting for sunrise, we had a couple of deer step into the sunflower field right in front of us. I know they never even heard us set up the chair; they certainly had no idea we were even there.  The key to the entire system is a swiveling hub system that allows you to turn and set this chair up quietly.

We asked Cory Emerson how they came up with CHAMA: “CHAMA came to life out of pure necessity. We (the owners) are old college buddies, and we love to hunt together.  And we all like premium gear and got tired of hunting on heavy and poorly made hunting chairs, not to mention dove hunting on buckets. Who really wants to hunt off of a bucket?  And all of those cheap chairs only lasted a few seasons before breaking. So, after throwing out our last cheap chair, we developed the CHAMA Chair to be the ultimate all-terrain swivel hunting chair. You will literally use this chair for everything. Its insane versatility, functionality, comfort, durability, and sleek design is unmatched. This chair is built with purpose and will last season after season.  And it looks bad a**.”

All day sits in this chair are comfortable, and the removable backrest is an absolute blessing.  The triangle shape of the seat keeps pressure off of your hamstrings for long sits and allows great posture during long sits as well as while shooting.  A real surprise to me was the value of the CHAMA chair at the range.  Anything is better than those hard stools at the range, so I moved mine to the side, grabbed the CHAMA chair, and set it up.  What I found was that with the adjustable telescoping legs, I was able to get my height adjusted just right.  It kept me on the bench longer which is absolutely a win for my shooting, and I feel like I could shoot or sit in this chair for long periods of time.

Whether you are looking for a blind chair for your ground blind or in your ice shanty this might be the chair for you. This hunting stool allows you to adjust your seat height and beats all of the other hunting seats on the market. It is easy to carry it is a quality chair and far better than any folding chair currently on the market. We are actually going to be purchasing a second one of these chairs for our hunting blind so that two people can fit comfortably on all day sits.

Check out the All-Terrain Chair from CHAMA! 

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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