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October 2020—World’s best-known bow hunter, Chuck Adams, opened the fall hunting season in style by taking his 198th, 199th, and 200th Pope & Young (P&Y) record-class animals with Easton FMJ’s. The feat was accomplished on a “trifecta” of western game—a mule deer, then a pronghorn, and finally number 200—a trophy bull elk.  Adams’ quest for exceptional animals is reflected in his tenacious approach to every hunt.   His perseverance has paid off with many more entries in the books than any other single hunter.

As bowhunting’s most prolific writer, Adams’ archery resume goes back 53 years and includes accomplishing the world’s first Super Slam of North American Big Game.  The Super Slam, a term he coined and trademarked, signifies taking every North American P&Y big game species with a bow and arrow.  Chuck was the first to accomplish the Slam in 1990.  The quest for the Super Slam, and a continued prolific hunting schedule since, has allowed him to gather up countless stories to inspire bowhunters by sharing the adventures in print.  

When asked about his relationship with the Easton company Chuck said, “I harvested my first deer 53 years ago at age 16 with an Easton 24SRTX bare shaft that I custom coated with green, non-glare primer since anodizing was not available back then. In fact, I have shot every animal in my archery life with Easton shafts from the SRTX aluminum, to Super Slam, and now Full Metal Jacket.”   Chuck’s latest P&Y entries should score well into the record books and will be officially entered after Pope and Young’s mandatory 60-day drying period.

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