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Cold and Dry Product Review

When I got this product in the mail to test out, I was pretty skeptical.  The team at Inventhelp sent it out to me for free to test out this fall while I was travelling North to the Dakota’s and into Canada.  The unit is basically a heavyweight plastic bladder that you fill up wth water and a special powder concoction which gels all of the water.  You drop it into the freezer and allow it to freeze.  Once it is solid, drop it into your cooler and it keeps everything cold and dry(hence the name).

I used this product non stop for 30 days straight in a cooler filled with my favorite beverage…lots and lots of cans of Coke-Cola.  As many of my friends will tell you, I am addicted in a big way.  I drove over 5000 miles in 30 days and I refroze the unit about every 5 days but I never had to buy ice.  The cooler I used was a Coleman Extreme and I usually had at least 20 or so cans in the cooler at all times.  I will say that the last 10 days or so it was close to freezing every single night but either way, this bag still held up.  That was in Novemnber.  Since then the bag has been in use all the way into February and it is still kicking strong.  Upon pulling it out of the freezer last week it was frozen solid ready for a quick photo shoot and then back into the freezer for my next trip coming up in early April for Outer Banks fishing trips with the kids.

At a price of $15.95 for this bag you really cannot go wrong.  The instructions are very easy to follow, you fill it with water, pour in the powder, seal it and drop it into the freezer…24 hours later it is ready to go and it lasts for several more days then a bag of ice.  There just is not a single reason why you should not own one of these.

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Kevin Paulson

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