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Conceal Your Blind to Create More Shot Opportunities

Grand Prairie, TX (October 22, 2020) Ameristep blinds are patterned to blend naturally, but taking a few extra steps will create better concealment. Whitetail deer are especially prone to noticing a new blind set that isn’t properly concealed into the environment. Many of these deer navigate a small area, and they know when something is out of place. Hide your blind and increase shot opportunities on every hunt.

The first step in blind concealment is the location choice. Placing a blind in an empty field will leave it completely exposed. This can work if the blind is placed a month in advance, leaving ample time for the wildlife to accept it as part of the landscape. Ideally, the location will have natural features like trees and rocks to help with concealment. Spend some time in the area and take note of wind patterns and shooting lanes before selecting a strategic location.

After setting the blind, take advantage of natural materials to brush in the blind. Use sticks, grasses and brush to increase concealment. Set these materials in a manner that looks like they fell naturally and settled around the blind location. Some hunters will even thatch the materials against the blind fabric.

Window openings are another weak point in every blind. The windows create a visible black spot that reveals the blind as a strange object. Only open the windows where shooting lanes are visible and drape shoot through the camouflaged cloth over the windows. You can shoot a rifle or bow right through the fabric without consequence. This step is often the difference-maker between detection and concealment.

Set the blind as far in advance as possible. Ameristep hub blinds are ultra-portable, and carrying a blind into difficult areas is possible. If the hunting area allows for blinds to be left and the area is safe and isolated, go ahead and set up a week or two in advance of the season and avoid visiting the blind during this period. The wildlife will eventually accept the blind and return to normal behavior. Walk into the location as quietly as possible and sit tight until that big buck strolls past the location.


Hunting success begins with the element of surprise. Ameristep® delivers this with ground blinds and accessories that cleverly conceal positions from up above, down below and every angle in between. Hidden among nature, hunters get closer to the action and enjoy more thrilling experiences. Ameristep is proud to be the industry innovator that offers versatility and mobility in all its designs – because successful hunters need the flexibility to choose the location that’s right, not the location that’s convenient. Once you’re there, Ameristep’s simplified assembly allows hunters to set up quickly and capitalize on the moment. With dozens of patented features and exclusive relationships with leading industry supply partners, Ameristep extends confidence and helps make great hunts happen. Learn more at

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