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CrossBreed® Announces Holsters for Taurus G3X

SPRINGFIELD, MO – CrossBreed® Holsters, a leading manufacturer in the category of concealed carry, now has available seven different holster systems available for the new Taurus G3X 9mm.

The G3X by Taurus combines the robust grip of the company’s full-size G3 model with a compact-size slide to deliver the best of both worlds—a low-print, concealable handgun with a grip that maximizes control and comfort.

“CrossBreed has built an incredible relationship with our friends from Taurus,” said Nathan Engelking, Executive Vice President of Marketing, “and we enjoy working with them to provide top-quality holsters for their incredible new line of pistols. The Taurus G3X is another fantastic handgun that clearly shows Taurus is serious about quality and performance. This is a budget-friendly pistol with all the features of much more expensive options.”

For the G3X, Crossbreed offers four of its most popular IWB holsters: The Reckoning, The Reckoning System with mag pouch, SuperTuck, and Freedom Carry. Those who favor OWB carry can opt for the SnapSlide or the DropSlide models. In addition to these belt-carry holster systems, Crossbreed also provides its Modular Belly Band Package for the G3X. This system uses a broad elastic band and hook-and-loop backed Kydex molded pocket that secures the firearm comfortably around the midriff.

For more information on the Crossbreed holster systems for the  Taurus G3X, the company’s Lifetime Warranty and Try It Free, Two Week Guarantee, visit

About CrossBreed® Holsters:

CrossBreed® Holsters was established in 2005 by Mark Craighead, who was an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast. His vision for US handcrafted holsters evokes attention to detail, quality and functionality that have made CrossBreed® a leader in concealment. Visit CrossBreed® Holsters

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