Questions & Answers on Chronic Wasting Disease for Hunting brochure updated


Author: Matt Dunfee, Conservation Program Specialist
CWD Alliance.

July 18, 2007

I am pleased to announce that the CWD Alliance, in partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation, has completed a full revision and update to the “Questions and Answers on Chronic Wasting Disease for Hunters” brochure that was produced in 2005. The document addresses many of the main concerns that hunters would naturally have when hunting in a state where CWD has been found in wild cervid populations. It also provides information about CWD surveillance programs and the ongoing efforts to combat CWD.

Please take a minute to read this informative brochure. It has gone through extensive editing by CWD researchers, biologists, and managers. Thus, the document reflects the central mission of the Alliance by “promoting responsible and accurate communications regarding CWD”.

Many thanks to all of the dedicated professionals who have participated in this effort and who devote so much of their time and resources in defending North America’s wildlife!

Link to document:     CWD Questions and Answers

Link to website of CWD Alliance:   CWD ALLIANCE