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Documentary Explores the Critical Role of Hunting and Conservation

Hunters are playing an essential role in efforts to end Africa’s poaching crisis. That is clear from the documentary “Anti-Poaching: Coastal Mozambique,” that will air on The Sportsman Channel at 7pm Eastern on Saturday, August 6. Hosted by world recognized outdoor television personality Craig Boddington, and produced by Conrad Evarts, this film follows the brave men of Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching as they work to conserve the wildlife of Mozambique’s Coutada 11.

Formed by professional hunter Mark Haldane, the Zambeze Delta Anti-Poaching unit has spearheaded one of the most successful wildlife conservation programs in all of Africa. Following decades of civil war, the 2.5 million acre hunting concession was almost completely stripped of wildlife. Thanks to anti-poaching efforts and the economic opportunity that hunting brings to the rural area, big game animals are now flourishing in this remote wildland. Sable antelope, once numbering only 44, have increased to a population of 1200. Cape buffalo, once down to 1200 individuals have grown to herds totaling 21,000 animals. Elephant have remained secure and growing in number while other areas continue to fall under poaching’s shadow.

Key to the success of this conservation effort is the engagement of local people, 150 of which are employed as anti-poaching guards or in other roles supporting the hunting camps. Along with jobs, the camps provide local villages with a regular supply of wild game meat from animals shot by hunting clients, a benefit that reduces the need for people to engage in the indiscriminate killing that characterizes poaching for bushmeat.

“Anti-Poaching: Coastal Mozambique” tells a story whose time has come and that can be appreciated by hunters and non-hunters alike. With compelling interviews and stunning wildlife cinematography the film shows the reality of life in the African bush and how hunters and hunting are a critical piece of the puzzle in conserving Africa’s wildlife heritage. It’s premier is an event to be seen and shared by all who care about conserving wildlife and securing a future for hunting.

* The producers would like to thank the following partners, without whom production of this film would not be possible: Craig Boddington; Zambeze Delta Safaris: Safari Club International Foundation; Safari Club international; Safari Club International – Golden Gate Chapter; Humanitarian Operations Protecting Elephants (H.O.P.E.)


shotgun shell ejecting
Shotgun shot over the head of a poacher to stop them from poaching
2nd poacher cu with trap
Poacher caught red handed with a trap
cuffs 3
Poaching is not hunting and poaching is illegal
chopper with APU in foreground
Taking to the air to protect wildlife from poachers
APU with bloodmoon
Round the clock protection for the wildlife of Coutada 11
bikes to cam
Motorbikes help to get to locations quick to help capture poachers. This dedication and investment in protecting the wildlife comes from legal hunters and the dedication of Zambezi Delta Safaris.

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