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Dried Meat – The Original Portable Snack


Back in the day of our caveman ancestors, there was no refrigeration. When a hunter was lucky enough to harvest an animal, they fed their families, ate their fill, shared with the village and then scratched their heads as to what to do with the rest.


One day, an enterprising caveman, or more likely cavewoman, realized that dried meat is not only lighter than fresh meat, it also lasts longer. Today, we are all thankful for those pioneering hunters because of their ingenuity, we have jerky and snack sticks!


Fast forward a few thousand years and healthy, portable snacks are all the rage. From soccer moms and hikers, to extreme athletes and business moguls, everyone is realizing that natural snacks are the best option. Eating naturally is nothing new to hunters and fishermen, but for the rest of the world, dried meat on the go is a pretty new concept. This phenomenon is nothing new for Wenzel’s Farm in Wisconsin; in fact they’ve been making snack sticks since the early 1980’s. With ten different flavors available, Wenzel’s has perfected the ancient art of this modern snack.


From the Wenzel’s Farm humble beginnings in 1949 until now, a lot has changed. The company started as veal processors and only made sausages for something to do in the off-season. They made hot dogs, brats and a variety of other old-style German sausages. In the late 1970’s Wenzel’s Farm began to experiment with snack sticks and really had them figured out by 1980. At that point, there were few other competitors in the market.


Wenzel's Farm Taco FlavorFast forward to today. Wenzel’s Farm is now a much bigger company and has enjoyed great success. However, one thing has remained constant – they still hand craft in small batches all of their products, and still use authentic hickory to smoke the product, giving them a rich flavor and color – naturally.  Still run like a small family business, their flagship products -snack sticks – make up the majority of Wenzel’s Farm production. They do offer a wide variety of traditional and ethnic sausages, but according to company President Mark Vieth, the snack sticks are pretty much their “bread and butter.”


Ironically, like many others in the outdoor industry, Wenzel’s busiest time is when hunters and fishermen need most of their calories, during hunting and fishing seasons. Stores take advantage of the demand at this time of year as well and offer all sorts of deals and promotions to help move the product quickly. These meat snacks are a long-lasting, natural energy alternative to sweets, junk foods and other performance-oriented products that are full of empty calories. With Wenzels you will find no fillers, no binders, no extenders, and no artificial colors or flavors. Just great meats, custom crafted in small batches and naturally hardwood smoked. Dried meat really is the oldest quick energy food on the planet.


Hand crafted using quality cuts of meat and perfectly smoked over Wisconsin hickory, the Wenzel’s Farm snack sticks are packed full of protein, carrying on average five grams per ounce. Wenzel’s Farm snack sticks are available several places such as brick-and-mortar stores, online retailers and even through Amazon.


With ten different, unique flavors, these perfect energy packets don’t require refrigeration and have a one year shelf life. With the recent acquisition of another snack stick company, Wenzel’s Farm will now be offering a lower fat grass-fed beef and free-range turkey option to their family of snack sticks.


As far as the future of Wenzel’s Farms, one thing is for certain, they’re going to continue to stick with what works and make amazing snack sticks, hot dogs, brats and sausages. I’m sure they’ll also be continuing to innovate and experiment with different flavors. Like any company they hope to continue to grow their market share and expand distribution. In speaking with company President Mark Vieth, I could tell that he and everyone else on the team at Wenzel’s take a lot of pride in making such a delicious, healthy snack that children and adults alike have enjoyed for generations.


Wenzel's FarmWenzel’s prides itself on crafting products that provide Real Meat for Real Life.  To experience the quality and flavor of Wenzel’s Farm snack sticks, visit


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