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Dry Dog Kennel Mat Review

Miko, our Deutsch Drahthaar, really is a spoiled dog.  She has a fantastic trainer, she came from a tremendous bloodline and she has me as her owner.  We also get to travel together to places like Aberdeen, South Dakota, chasing pheasants and walking for miles and miles across some of the most beautiful land.  Just before our trip we got the opportunity to test out the Dry Dog Kennel Mat for Miko, spoiling her even more.

The Dry Dog Kennel Mat is specifically made for the kennel that you own.  They custom create each mat for the kennel that you own.  We have a Ruff Land Kennel for Miko, and it has been outstanding.  What I like about the Ruff Landis that the unit is as solid as can be and the door comes off easily.  I can spray out the unit and wash it out quickly and easily. Miko can easily stand up in the kennel and move around.  The Ruff Land Kennel also fits extremely well in the back seats of my Tacoma Double Cab, so I can have Miko in the cab with me on trips to colder environments and she is not riding in the back of the truck.  Over the first year, I did not have a mat in the kennel for Miko, and I could tell on some trips she was a little sore after a long trip.

The Dry Dog Kennel Mat has a raised bed that allows for airflow between Miko and the bottom of the pad. The Neoprene padding in the Dry Dog mat allows Miko to dry off. In addition, it is waterproof and scent-proof.  The raised bed allows the water, dirt and hair to fall below the area that Miko sleeps on.  Pulling the mat out of the kennel is pretty easy. You can wash it off outside with a hose or in the shower which is what I did at the hotel on our last trip as the pad was covered in mud from Miko.  Miko has rubbed off a bit of the neoprene on one corner and after talking with the team at Dry Dog, it looks like this is something they will address pretty quickly.  I was very impressed with the team’s willingness to listen and their desire to make the product the best it can be.

The DryDog Kennel Mats come in Realtree Max5 or black, and they currently have pads that fit the Petmate and Ruff Land Kennels. More will be coming online over the next several months.  At the price point for the Dry Dog Kennel Mat these are a bargain and they are better than any of the other kennel mats I have seen on the market.  They add a little bit of weight but knowing that I am spoiling my pup makes it all worthwhile.  She brings me joy, and an investment in products like Dry Dog Kennel Mats is important to protecting my pup from slipping and sliding around the kennel on our trips and keeping her comfortable after a long day in the field.  You can order these direct from Dry Dog Kennel Mats.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of HuntingLife.com. His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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