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Ducks Unlimited Launches New and Improved Waterfowl Migration Map

Follow the migration like never before!

As the waterfowl hunting season approaches, there’s one question on the mind of every duck hunter:

Where are the ducks?

Ducks Unlimited is once again helping answer that question. Recently, DU launched the latest version of the most comprehensive migration map on the Web today.

It’s online now at

“The new waterfowl migration map is the perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and word-of-mouth communication among duck hunters,” said Anthony Jones, DU’s Director of Internet Services.

“With more than 8,000 reports submitted last fall, the migration map was a tremendous asset to waterfowl hunters in their scouting and planning efforts,” explained Jones. “During the off-season, we asked for feedback from our supporters on how to improve the map. The result is a more powerful tool with new, innovative features that duck hunters can’t afford to miss.”

How it Works

Migration map users can report waterfowl activity and hunting conditions in their local area. Visitors loading the map will see an aerial view of North America with colored markers scattered across it.

Each marker represents user-submitted reports with color-coded waterfowl concentrations. Hunters can click on any marker to view the detailed reports, and in some cases, see aerial maps of their favorite hunting spots. They can even select which view they prefer – aerial, road or a hybrid of both.

Everyone is encouraged to submit a report, whether you’re an avid hunter or someone who just enjoys following the annual migration.

What’s New in Migration Map 2.0?

In addition to the features from last year, the new map includes:

  • * More detailed reporting
  • * Real-time, integrated weather reports
  • * Improved imagery & navigation
  • * Full-screen map
  • * Email notifications for reports submitted from your favorite locations
  • * Historical data – look at reports from throughout the season
  • * Clearer activity scale showing pre-migration, peak-migration & post-migration activity

“We’re always looking for ways to leverage new technology to better serve our members,” said Robby Parker, DU’s Manager of Web Development. “As waterfowl hunters use the map, we will continue to enhance this and other online applications to provide maximum value to our members and supporters.”

The migration map is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, exclusively on the Ducks Unlimited Web site.

View the new migration map with real-time data now at:

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