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Endangered Species – California Fish and Game Wardens

Trailer for “Endangered Species: California Fish & Game Wardens” from Andrew Swan on Vimeo.

Download the Swan Video Letter handed out to the California Legislature

I just spent the morning watching this entire movie and it is absolutely worth every minute of your time. California hunters, California citizens and California wildlife are all in jeopardy should this situation continue to exist.

California already has the worst wardens per capita ratio in the US.  Recently, all California’s game wardens received notice of being furloughed two days a month and 98 wardens and cadets have received layoff notices. This will mean 100 wardens in the field for the  entire state. And since 1/3 of the wardens are expected to retire in the next three years, the message seems to be loud and clear that California is the place to go if you want to be a poacher.

“Endangered Species: CA Fish and Game Wardens” could not be more timely. Information on purchasing the documentary can be found at:   For orders of 10 or more to an organization or retail store, we will offer them at the wholesale price of $10.00 each, plus shipping.

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