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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s are often responsible for introducing us into the Hunting Life and for that they should be rewarded.

Make A Road Trip with Dad Even Cooler

Give dad a compact 20 QT cooler that’s perfect for keeping a 24-pack frosty or keeping the catch of the day fresh until it’s time to grill. Made-in America Grizzly Coolers retain ice and keep contents cold for the duration. Carry this easy-to-stow cooler by the stainless-steel handle with foam grip or by the molded-in heavy duty handles. Choose a color to blend in or stand out: White, Tan, Sandstone, Gray Lime, Teal, Red, and Orange. Suggested retail $199.99.

Take Dad on a Comfortable Trail Hike

Time to upgrade Dad’s hiking boots? Lightweight Irish Setter® VaprTreks® have the latest comfort technology features and construction to deliver better traction on rough terrain with improved durability and all-day comfort. These great fitting fabric/leather boots are offered in all brown and brown/camo options, so they work for hikers and hunters alike. Starting at $154.99.

Dad’s Need Clean Hands

A necessary outdoor (and now everyday) companion Unscented Hand Sanitizer that is effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Made with 80% Ethyl Alcohol, American Provenance Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer exceeds the World Health Organization’s standards, and is made from corn grown and harvested in the US by American farmers. The perfect size to pop in a backpack, and meets TSA guidelines. New in May 2020! 

Dad Needs Clean Water

CrazyCap has an integrated UVC LED cap that kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including coronavirus, giardia, staph, and E Coli– all which help make it the perfect product for traveling, fishing trips in the sun, long days in the woods, backpacking to remote places, and everyday-life. Every dad wants the confidence to know that his water is safe to drink. The good news is that the CrazyCap, when taken off the bottle, can be used to sanitize any non-porous surface like computers, phones and door knobs. We tested it, and we are using it daily on the cell phone just to keep safe in these times.

Dad Deserves a Quality Comfortable Fleece

When we heard that this fleece had been revived by Mountain Hardware, we rushed to get one. The Monkey Fleece offers great layering warmth, it’s ultra-soft and breathable where you need it. Most of all it is the most comfortable fleece on the market today and it looks good and covers up this old dad bod. Mountain Hardware knocked it out of the park with this one.

Dad Wants A Load Ready Utility Bag

This Load Out Utility Bag is one of those bags that once you start using it, you want like three or four more of them for different reasons. One for all of the dog training gear, one for the turkey hunting gear, one for camera equipment, one for tools. 5.11 has hit a home run with this series of utility bags starting with the small 19 Liter Bag and rising up in size from 19 to 26, 35 and 39 Liters. These are the perfect Load Ready bags for adventure.

Dad Needs the Ultimate Carabiner

The Fire Escape is a first-responder inspired evolution of the award-winning Firebiner multitool carabiner. This carabiner tool has the patented EverSpark fire-starting system, along with a seatbelt cutter (with rubber cover), a carbide-tipped glass breaker, an O2 and hex wrench which double as hang slots, and a bottle opener. The Outdoor Element Fire Escape is the ultimate EDC tool that can do anything you require of it. Use Promo Code: HuntingLife to get 10% off.

Dad Needs a Klymit Roamer

Whether you need to cover up a load, throw down a bunch of gear and keep it clean, build a shelter or you need a tarp to lay out the quarters on a fresh elk kill every dad needs a good tarp. The Klymit Roamer Throw Tarp weighs in at 8.5 oz and fits the space of a single water bottle. It has multiple tether points and covers 78″ by 57″. It’s waterproof and you can create several different shelter configurations and come up with dozens of uses.

Socks Built for Hunting Dads

No Fly Zone Insect Repellent Technology by Burlington contains Permetherin insect repellent infused directly into the fabric. Permetherin is an odorless, EPA registered and durable for seventy home launderings. It provides protection against flies, midges, ticks, ants, chiggers and mosquitos. The insect’s nervous system is affected upon contact with the fabric and it flies away without biting which keeps dad’s ankles bite free and keeps chiggers from crawling up his legs.

Quest Pants for the Dad Looking for Adventure

We got these 5.11 Quest pants in and honestly when we ordered them, I thought they would be good but even we were more surprised with how fantastic they are. These are summer pants built for adventure with 8 pockets, CCW ready. These pants have pockets for adventure, and when the summer heat is bearing down these pants are going to stretch and move without slowing dad down. These pants are made to conquer any quest.

Keep Dad Safe with the ESC Rescue Tool

Keeping dad safe is important and this tool in a vehicle can help get you free when seconds count. The ESC RESCUE TOOL is a professional stainless steel tool with a folding seat belt cutter and a spring-loaded carbide tip window breaker and a pry tip. The cost is under $20.00 on this tool and with the belt clip and lanyard hole it is easy to keep this tool close by when needed.

Fire a Slingshot with Dad

The newly-designed Pocket Shot 2.0 is the evolution of the world’s first and only circular slingshot. The original Pocket Shot was dubbed the “baddest” slingshot on the planet, but it just got lighter, stronger and faster with the release of the 2.0. The Pocket Shot 2.0 is constructed of aluminum and it comes in three versions: all Black, Silver and Red, and Gold and Purple. The 2.0’s aluminum chassis operates on a set of three gimbals. The innermost gimbal holds the pouch and it can move freely in 360 degree rotation, which allows for easy aiming.

Dad Needs an IceMule

The IceMule Pro is back in RealTree camo and it comes with double padded straps and a ventilated back pad to keep this cooler comfortable on long pack ins. ICEMULE® Coolers are engineered for maximum durability and portability. By land, sea or air, this cooler knows no limits and meets TSA requirements to carry on for flights.

Dad Needs a Little Boost

Sometimes dad just needs a little BOOST of oxygen. We tested this out after a couple of strong brisk hike up the hill and a lot of gasping for air. Three quick hits of clean and clear oxygen had us back in prime shape in under a minute. These canisters are light as can be and pack quickly into a daypack for just the right boost when you need it. We have one in our first aid kit and one in our pack and one in the house at all times. Pick these up at Amazon

Dad Needs Extra Hydration

We have been big fans of HydraPak for quite some time. These easy to use bottles weigh next to nothing and are great to have along on just about any trip. We often freeze several of these and place them in the cooler and on day two they are ready to go with cold drinking water. They are also great to keep the pup and the kids hydrated and comfortable enough for dad to throw in the pack. These bottles weigh 97g and pack down as small as a deck of cards. Easy to clean and the large opening makes them easy to fill. Check these out at Amazon or at

Are you enjoying our Father’s Day Gift Guide?

Dads Love Great Coffee

A great cup of coffee comes from great coffee beans roasted to perfection by people who really care. Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America. This coffee is good, and they offer a variety of different roasts and even Combat Cocoa for dad’s that don’t like coffee (we only know a few of those dads). Check out the great selection and you can also learn about all of the great causes Black Rifle Coffee supports.

Dad’s Going to Need a Stanley

Stanley has been around for generations, and they have always been known for making quality products. Our fathers and our grandfathers had Stanley Vacuum Bottles. Many of those vacuum bottles are still around today. Great coffee deserves to be hot, and the Stanley Go Tumbler and the Trigger Action Mug are two great examples of great gear for dads that will stand the test of time.

Dads Need Adventure

OnX Hunt and OnX Offroad offer the tools dads need to have safe adventures and not get lost. We all have stories of dads who are absolutely unwilling to ask for adventures. Give dads the tools to always know where they are when they go overlanding, fishing or hunting.

Dads Want a Filson Hunting Vest

Filson has long been known for creating some of the best gear in the outdoors. The Filson Upland Hunting Vest is just one of those great items from the great folks at Filson. The hunting vest from Filson is a water-repellent Tin Cloth hunting vest. The vest has an expandable rear game bag, bellowed pockets with shell loops and dual-side shooting patches. Blaze Orange accents provide increased visibility and dual patches on both sides work for left or right handed shooters.

Dad Does Not Like Burrs

If your dad likes to hunt in the thick stuff with stickers and burrs like cockleburs, stick-tights, beggar’s lice, sand burrs and other common burrs, he will need something to clean up his fleece and other hunting clothes. The Burr Paw rolls up for compact stowage, is easy to clean up and should absolutely be a part of every hunters kit.

Dad Wants a Sharp Knife

Work Sharp has been creating better and better products year after year for sharpening knives and tools. This year, we got the opportunity to test out the Whetstone Knife Sharpener. Everything about this sharpener we like. The 1000 and 6000 dual grit whetstones and the 15 and 17 degree guides help to get your knives razor sharp. The Water Control Base helps provide the consistent feel you want under your knife as you sharpen it. The great thing about Work Sharp is they never break the bank.

Now Dad Needs a Knife to Sharpen

Morakniv is a Swedish company that builds high quality knives for a reasonable price that can take the punishment of everyday use. The Bushcraft Orange Knife has a 3.2 mm thick stainless steel blade that stays sharp and is easy to sharpen. The blade is ridgeground especially for use with a fire starter. The handle on this knife is what we really got excited about with a high-friction rubber grip to allow you to feel the knife in your hands and allow you to make quick work of any task. Priced under $50.00 this is a working knife you can beat the heck out of and with the bright orange you are sure to never lose it or leave it in a gut pile.

Light up your Dad’s night

Coast has long been known for making great flashlights and headlamps. The FL1R comes with a wide angle flood beam, is rechargeable and weatherproof, and comes with a lifetime warranty. We also like the power lockout on this unit so it won’t turn on in the middle of the day when you don’t need it and it will be there for you when you do. Get it at Amazon.

Every Trophy is important to Dad

The Iron Buck Antler Mount comes in a couple of varieties and what we really like about these besides the cool look of them is how easy they are to mount. In graphics like ABAM5 American Flag Mount, and the EBAM8 Bonehead Mount you cannot go wrong. Check these out from

The Perfect Towel

The Perfect Towel

Who knew the perfect towel existed? This is a great towel to have in hunting camp. It is incredibly compact, absorbent, and fast-drying, The Tesalate towel is the original sand-free beach towel, each towel is made with exclusive absorblite fabric so sand does not stick to the towel and dirt sheds off of it as well. When I head into hunting camps, this is the towel we carry because who wants to use an old ratty towel. Check out Tesalate.

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Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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