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Father’s Day Hunting Gift Guide 2022

Father’s Day Hunting Gift Guide for those who live the Hunting Life!

Most of my best memories with my father are the times we spent hunting, fishing or scouting for great places to hunt, fish or camp. Those trips make up the bulk of my youth and they directly influenced how I raised my own kids. We hope you enjoy this gift guide as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.


Most every father is looking for great gear to make their truck just a little better, a little safer and a lot more comfortable and capable for the adventures they are looking to enjoy. The team at REALTRUCK understands hunting and the outdoors and they understand fully that having quality accessories for your truck makes all of the difference in your day to day enjoyment of your truck.

ATN ThOR 4 Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope

Opening this box on Father’s Day will make your father smile as wide as the Grand Canyon. This scope has the ability to turn any evening into a tremendously fun hunt. The one shot zero makes this scope one of the easiest to set up and with the ability to dual stream video creates a partnership while hunting together. The ATN ThOR 4 offers best in class thermal vision to hunt predators at night.

Mossy Oak Echelon Fit EX-5 Connected Bike

Echelon teamed up with Mossy Oak this year to create a connected bike specifically for those with a passion for the outdoors. The Echelon EX-5s is a cult favorite, delivering an immersive, studio-quality fitness experience from an HD touchscreen display, allowing riders to compete on the Leaderboard and reach fitness goals with 24/7 access to live and on-demand classes led by world-class instructors. Just the motivation to get dad ready for the Fall season.

KÜHL Apparel

We have been wearing Kühl long before it was cool. See what we did there, a little dad joke humor. The reality, though, is that Kühl is no joke. The clothing stands up to abuse, stands up to stains and can tackle anything you can through at them from fish slime to mountain mud and clay. They fit extremely well and the styles and colors are timeless. We love the Styk short sleeve shirts and the Revolvr pants.

YETI Crossroads 40L Duffel

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Get used to hitting the road at a moment’s notice. The Crossroads 40L Duffel is the carry-on you need to hold all the gear for road trips, overnight adventures, and taking to the skies. Modular Compression Straps can be used internally or externally making over-packing a thing of the past. Use the two divi Opvpder panels for extra organization. And unlike other duffels, Foam Walls and a Structured Build keep ours from folding in on itself to make packing and unpacking frustration-free.

IceMule Boss

Icemule Coolers built the Boss Cooler a few years back, and over the last several years this cooler has continued to hold its own. In fact, it has continued to hold off quite a few new challengers that continue to break ground in the cooler market. The Icemule Boss is a solid backpack cooler for when you need to carry a case of beer and some ice a long way, or you can use the Icemule Boss to carry some food a long way. Carrying drinks and food long distances is a problem for most coolers. Not for this pack.

Gerber Stake Out

Gerber Stake Out

Stake Out – MSRP $55.00 – For the Dad who is always camping!

Every trip is different, but one thing remains the same: the gear dad carries has to earn its keep. The Stake Out camp tool handles the activities that every trip faces: setting up camp, maintaining body and gear, cooking, and packing out. Weight, versatility, and packability influenced the design, making this multi-tool the ideal companion for every trip and every task.

onX Hunt Premium Membership

onXmaps encompass 985 million acres of public land and more than 121 million private properties. Hunters and outdoorsmen and women use their mobile phones as a GPS, tracking their movements, delving through different topographic maps with unique applications for hunting, fishing, hiking and more. These maps are accessible via a membership or can be used on a traditional GPS device with a purchased, pre-loaded chip. App features include public and private boundaries, a Wind & Weather feature, Offline Mode, a Historic Wildfire Layer, sharable way points, and the ability to sync data across desktop, tablets and mobile.

QuikCamo 3D Leafy Camo Suits

The beauty of the Quikcamo system is that the entire system goes over your work clothes quickly and easily providing better than average concealment and the entire system can easily compress down and fit into your pack. We carry two sets of this leafy camo so we can easily take anyone into the woods whether that is for hunting or wildlife viewing and photography. Quikcamo gloves and hats complete the set up and the hats with the built in facemask are our absolute favorite hunting caps.

High Camp Flasks Torch Shot Glass Set

High Camp Flasks Torch Shot glasses are built to be used in the outdoors. It’s the perfect vessel to enjoy and share a drink with a friend. The Gunmetal Torch Shot glasses are well built and will be passed down from generation to generation. These are perfect to pair with the Highball Shaker which you can have customized and it makes an exceptional cocktail shaker. See these at

Costa Untangled Pargo Polarized Sunglasses

The Costa Untangled Sunglasses are made of 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets and that is good for the environment. They are some of the best quality sunglasses we have had the pleasure of fishing with. These look great on the beach as well on the boat sight fishing for cruising bass or tarpon on the ocean. UV Protection, Polarized and Scratch Resistance round these out to make a pair of sunglasses that will last for many years.

5.11 Tactical PT-R Weight Kit

The PT-R Weight kit is basically a 3-in-1 weight set. The PT-R fully set up can be ordered in either 50 lbs. or 100 lbs. set ups depending on the size you choose. Inside of the large bag are two smaller bags that can be used for kettlebell workouts. If you remove the sand you can travel with this kit just about anywhere you go and fill it up at any location with dirt or sand. We have this in our home office; it provides a gym that’s always available and out of the way. Read our review from earlier this year.

OdinLake Ergonomic Chair

We picked up one of these OdinLake chairs a month back and it has been exceptional. Everything on this chair adjusts and the seat cushion is firm and dense providing good cushion and comfort. The cloth back is comfortable. The chair came in a single box and I was able to put it together in about 20 minutes with the provided hex key wrench and provided bolts. It came in six pieces and a half dozen bolts and it was shipped directly to the house. This is a chair dad is going to want to sit in and work and maybe even nap in.

BruTrek BaseCamp French Press

BruTrek BaseCamp French Press: The BaseCamp French Press is ideal for brewing larger batches of coffee to enjoy while camping with family and friends. It features rugged stainless steel construction that will stand up to bumping around, double-wall insulation to keep coffee hot, a pour spout cover to help avoid spills and the unique Bru Stop press that halts the brewing process for a fresh-tasting cup from the first sip to the last. These are available in 32- and 48-fluid-ounce sizes from BruTrek or through Amazon.

Filson Aberdeen Work Jacket

The Filson Aberdeen Work Jacket is a work-ready cut of the Cover Cloth jacket and a true archival classic. This lightweight water and wind resistant oil finish fabric can be worn in multiple seasons especially early fall. The Aberdeen jacket is the kind of jacket that you buy once and own for a lifetime which is perfect for the dad who enjoys the outdoors.

Hunter’s Storage Bundle

The Arms Preservation Hunter Storage Bundle includes two shotgun storage bags 11″x54″, four .50 Cal Ammo Can Liners form fit to a .50 Cal M2A1 Can, and one Pistol Storage Bag 11″x15″. This bundle offers an instant savings over buying the bags separately and HuntingLife readers can use our discount code “Hunt15” to save an additional 15% on their entire order which is a smoking deal on these great bags that protect your weapons while in storage.

LaCrosse Alpha Agility Select Waders

In the Fall of 2021, LaCrosse introduced these waders to the market and we have had almost an entire year to test these in extreme cold to hot and muggy temperatures. The 120G removable liner allows these waders to be a great fit for Spring through Fall as well as hard core Winter conditions. The chest zipper gives you the ability to get in and out of these waders easily. We especially liked the waterproof technology pouch and the lightweight feel of the Alpha Agility Waders. These are waders dads can be in all day enjoying hunting and fishing.

Silencer Central Banish 30

Hearing is incredibly important to dads. The sound of joy from kids playing, the sound of grandchildren. Getting the opportunity to hear those sounds as well as the enjoyment of being able to shoot on the range and in the field is paramount is something most all dads enjoy. The team at Silencer Central is doing a fantastic job of creating best-in-class suppressors and making the process of getting those suppressors in your hands quickly and efficiently.

MineLab Metal Detector

The Minelab VANQUISH 540 Pro-Pack is built for dads who are interested in metal detecting and want one of the best metal detectors on the market all in a single kit. The Multi-IQ technology, audio control and pinpoint accuracy will make dads smile. As well, with the Bluetooth headphones, easy to read red LED backlight screen and rechargeable batteries this system keeps dad doing what he loves. It is fun the entire family can enjoy. Minelab has knocked it out of the park with this complete system.

Midland USA ER50 E+READY® Emergency Weather Alert Radio

The Midland USA ER50 Emergency Alert Weather Radio should always be available and within reach when you need it. The unit includes a 2600 mAh Rechargeable battery to allow you to charge your phone easily when needed. The ER50 features NOAA weather information as well as an AM/FM Radio with clock and multiple options for keeping it running and charged up and available when you need it. If you need a quick charge and you have no power you can use the Hand Crank to keep it running. The Midland ER50 comes with a strobe, flashlight and a readable LCD display all for under $50.00, order one now.

Plano Field Locker Element Compound Bow Case

The Plano Field Locker Element Compound Bow Case is furnished with a heavy-duty, Dri-Loc gasket to protect the case contents from every element and form of travel thrown its way. While dad is traveling he can rest assured that his compound bow and all of his gear is protected in this best in class Mil-Spec, made in the USA field locker. A couple of padlocks and this case is ready to travel by air, boat or truck to the hunting grounds.

CHARD #12 Meat Grinder

This CHARD Meat Grinder is the perfect option for the do-it-yourself dad. It allows dad to make his own variety of burgers, brats and sausages all from the comfort of his own kitchen. The 500-Watt motor, large hopper and food pusher allows him to grind or stuff generous portions of meat in a short amount of time, quickly and efficiently. 

SJK Roadhouse Tarp

SJK Roadhouse Tarp:

The Roadhouse Tarp is an ideal shelter for any hunting, camping or off-road adventure. Offering three primary configurations, including a single pole A-frame with a vehicle, dual pole awning with a vehicle, and a dual pole A-frame without a vehicle, this versatile tarp easily provides you and your entire crew a large sheltered area from rain and sun. A unique attachment system easily connects to most Jeeps, SUVs or trucks.

VSSL Ready Kit

The VSSL Ready Kit was created to allow hikers and hunters the ability to have critical backcountry gear into their packs all in a handheld Mini VSSL. It comes with a wire saw, 8 feet of SurvivorCord, razor blade and 25 feet of rope. You can use it to build shelters, repair gear, navigate, create kindling and hang dry your clothes to get dry. We always pop in a few medications to keep everything dry. This is a great little kit dad is going to use. Don’t hesitate to check out the Fix Kit and the Catch and Cook Kit from VSSL as well.

Ozonics OrionX Scent Elimination Ozone Generator

The Ozonics OrionX combines the superior performance of the Orion HR unit with the versatility of the Smart Arm mounting technology for the ultimate hunting experience. Dads want products that work and will make a difference in the field and only Ozonics provides continual Active Scent Control that works before, during, and after your hunt.  

Roving Blue O-Pen Water Purifier

The Roving Blue O-Pen is a tool to ensure that your water is safe to drink. The O-Pen allows you to treat your water with a cloud of ozone gas which is used by water treatment plants and water bottlers worldwide. Ozone happens to be one the strongest oxidizers available, and it leaves behind no toxicity or harsh tasting chemicals that could be a problem for your body. Use Promo Code: HUNTINGLIFE10 for an extra 10% off.

Pit Command & Solo Stove

We have been using the Pit Command Talons for the last several months around the campfire as we are enjoying the cooler evenings to unwind and catch up around the solo stove. These are a match made in heaven. The Talons allow you to move wood around in just the right way to keep the fire burning hot and efficient and the solo stove produces a fantastic fire with clean smoke free heat perfect for the backyard.

Pale Blue Earth Rechargeable Smart Batteries

Batteries can cost a ton of money each and every year especially when you are talking flashlights and trail cameras. The Pale Blue batteries charge 5x Faster and can be charged in the field with the Micro USB charge port in each and every battery and you can charge up to four at once per charger. As well the batteries let you know when they are fully charged. These rechargeable batteries will keep your devices from being ruined by alkaline batteries and these batteries stay out of landfills.

NEMO Victory Patio Blanket

NEMO Equipment’s Victory™ Patio blanket is soft to the touch, durable and perfect for the car, the picnic or protecting your seats from a very wet dog. The blanket works great in the back of the car and even in your tent. The blanket has a fully waterproof bottom to protect your blanket from any liquids and it keeps the wet dog smell from getting on your seats. It is easy to throw in the washing machine and have available in your vehicle. The NEMO Victory blanket is something dad is going to enjoy having in the truck or SUV.

DECKED x Uncharted D-Bag Emergency Kit

Decked and Uncharted Supply Company got together and built the ultimate supply kit for your vehicle that fits perfectly in the Decked System. It also fits comfortably in just about any vehicle or cabin and it is ready to go at a moments notice. The entire kit is designed to keep two people alive for 72 hours in any emergency situation along with a Zeus portable power station. The gear from Uncharted Supply Company as well as outstanding gear from Decked are all great fits for dads.

Taiga 27 Quart Cooler

The Taiga 27 cooler is a high quality cooler for day to day use. We have used the Taiga for the last year as a day to day cooler for small trips and in extremely high heat and even in the coldest of temperatures this cooler has kept everything to temperature. This cooler is tough as nails and has held up to just about everything we have thrown at it. The lid offers a single leak proof lid gasket that keeps this cooler from leaking. The cooler makes a great day to day personal cooler and it can be customized in a wide range of colors and set ups.

Doubletake Archery’s ArrowAntenna

The ArrowAntenna by Doubletake Archery is the perfect accessory for any bowhunter. As its name conveys, this ultra-realistic arrow can replace your vehicles radio antenna to put dad’s passion for archery on display.

ArrowAntenna comes with multiple thread options and adapters, which allows it to be installed to nearly any vehicle with an antenna port. Available in Black or Camo, Arrow Antenna is ready to sharpen up your father’s truck this coming season.

Kevin Paulson

Kevin Paulson is the Founder and CEO of His passion for Hunting began at the age of 5 hunting alongside of his father. Kevin has followed his dreams through outfitting, conservation work, videography and hunting trips around the world.

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