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First Look Sitka Gear Delta Waders

Waterfowl hunters often subject themselves to hunting in some of the worst conditions possible.  Having gear that will keep you dry and comfortable as well as not fail can be the difference between a successful hunt and going home empty handed.  One piece of gear that waterfowl hunters rely on to stay dry and warm are a good pair of waders.  Too often hunters are replacing their neoprene waders every year prior to the start of the season.  For 2018, Sitka Gear has come out with a pair of waders that will revolutionize the waterfowl world and the hunting industry.

One of the most widely talked about rumors over the last year or two was regarding waders from Sitka.  Images began to leak in the fall of 2017 and hunters were excited and flooding social media with comments.  Officially unveiled at SHOT Show in January, the Sitka Gear Delta Waders have become the most sought after piece of gear as the various trade shows across the country.  Everybody has wanted to see them and decide for themselves what the buzz has been about.

After many years of development and testing in the field, the Sitka Gear Delta Waders officially hit the market in mid-July.  Product quickly sold out online and dealers are starting to fill orders.  Waterfowl hunters across the country are doing everything they can to get a pair before the season.  So what makes them so good?

Sitka Gear has created a breathable Gore-Tex wader that is 100% serviceable.  You might ask what does that mean.  Well, ever part of the Delta Wader can be repaired if damaged.  So if you tear a hole in the Gore-Tex, no problem.  Do something to the LaCrosse AeroForm boot that is attached, they have you covered.  These waders are made and serviced right here in the United States.  They feature an industry leading warranty that will cover any manufacturer defects or repairing damage from use and abuse in the field.  If the damage is caused by you or wear and tear, there is a nominal fee associated with the type of work that needs to be done to the wader.

As mentioned before, the Delta Wader is a breathable Gore-Tex wader.  It features a 4-layer Gore-Tex Pro laminate which increases durability but still allows the wader to breath in warm weather conditions.  These waders are uninsulated but are designed to layer under when the mercury drops.  There are reinforced knee and shin pads again to aid in durability but also to make them more comfortable when walking through a marsh or swamp. 

The LaCrosse AeroForm boot is insulated for those cold days standing in the water.  They feature an aggressive tread that will be good no matter what you are walking on.  The boot is attached to the Gore-Tex with a piece of neoprene that flexes with your movements providing a comfortable fit. 

The Sitka Gear Delta Waders feature an adjustable no-buckle suspender system that won’t get in the way when you shoulder your shotgun.  There are also handwarmer pockets, water-resistant zippered pockets, and a d-ring loop on the belt to attach decoys or dog collar remotes.

Sitka Gear released two different models in the Delta Wader.  There is the standard Delta Wader as well as the Zippered Delta Wader.  The only difference is the waterproof YKK Aquaseal zipper.  This will make it easier to get the wader on and off as well as assisting when nature calls.  Both models are being offered in Optifade Marsh or Optifade Timber patterns depending on your style of hunting.  Each model also has 38 different sizing options.  The pricing is $949.00 for the Delta Zip Wader and $849.00 for the Delta Wader.Waterfowl hunters tend to spend a lot of money on gear for the hunting season.  Often times they are buy lesser expensive waders only to have to replace them each and every year after they fail.  Sitka is hoping that hunters will switch over to the last pair of waders a hunter will ever have to buy.  Granted the price might be higher than some people want to spend, but for a product manufactured and serviced in the US you should expect something that is of the highest quality.  Head to your local retailer and check out the new Sitka Gear Delta Wader before the season starts. 

How to Store Sitka Waders?

We recommend storing Sitka waders by hanging them for at least a week to allow them to dry out completely and then folding them up and putting them into a bin for long term storage so nothing has access to them. We store ours in a rubbermade container.

Where can I buy Sitka Waders?

You can buy Sitka Waders in retail locations around the country and even in places like Macks Prairie Wing, Cabelas, Scheels, etc but honestly we recommend that you purchase them direct from Sitka online because we have found that they are much easier to work with and you are rewarding a great company.

How warm are Sitka Waders?

These waders are built for duck hunting so they can hold up and withstand very cold temperatures. There will be times when it is extremely cold and icy and you are going to want to layer up your clothing and this includes under your waders. Layering makes all of the difference.

How long do Sitka Waders Last?

With everything things are going to last as much as you use them. We have talked to a few guides who have put these waders through 100 days a year for the last couple of years and they are still sold on the quality of these waders.

What to wear under Sitka Waders?

We recommend layers starting with base layers, insulation layers and then the waders. Once you wear these a few times, you will be able to figure out your perfect combination of base and insulation layers that you will need for the weather conditions of the days.

Check out the Sitka Gear Delta Waders at

SItka Gear Delta Waders
Sitka Gear Delta Waders
Sitka Gear Delta Waders
Sitka Gear Delta Waders
Sitka Gear Delta Waders

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