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Fishing and Boating Gift Ideas for the Holidays

NORMAN, Okla. (November 14, 2019) – Outdoor enthusiasts such as boaters and anglers typically already own everything imaginable for their passion. They are definitely a difficult group to shop for during the holidays. While a gift card to the local outdoor store will do, here is a go-to list of gift ideas for those that routinely hit the water.

Ranger Boats Apparel: Lightweight Pack Jacket and Performance ¼ Zip

From hats and neck gaiters to hoodies and tournament performance shirts, Ranger Boats provides anglers with stylish, comfortable and purpose-built apparel and accessories for days on the water. The Lightweight Pack Jacket is the perfect solution to keep dry when sudden storms pop up. One hundred percent waterproof and with fully taped seams, the jacket repels water without sacrificing breathability. Made from a moisture wicking and quick-drying polyester/Spandex blend, the Ranger Cup Performance ¼ Zip keeps anglers cool and dry. Built-in sun protection of up to UPF 50+ prevents sun damage on long days on the water.

MSRP: Lightweight Pack Jacket: $127.00; Ranger Cup Performance ¼ Zip: $60.00

If you are looking for a custom fishing shirt consider designing your own shirt.

Binoculars for Boating: Steiner BluHorizons

A full day on the water usually begins early and ends late. Steiner’s BluHorizons Series offers the first sunlight adaptive binocular for all light conditions. Steiner exclusive Autobright™ Sunlight adaptive lens technology automatically adjusts brightness for the best view in any lighting situation. Whether the sun is just below the horizon, shining brightly directly overhead or bouncing off water at all angles, BluHorizons are engineered to gather the

right amount of light and reduce glare for optimum viewing. Steiner’s Fast-Close-Focus™ system is unrivaled in providing clear vision quick and easily. Ergonomic eyecups comfortably protect eyes from distracting sidelight, glare and wind and textured rubber armor on the prism housing provides a secure, non-slip grip. BluHorizons are waterproof, protecting the optics from splashing water from any direction.

MSRP: $219.99 – $229.99

B.A.S.S. Membership

For more than 50 years, B.A.S.S. has promoted the sport of bass fishing with an emphasis on conservation initiatives and youth programs. Born from a crazy idea from Ray Scott to create a membership organization for competitive bass anglers, the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society has grown to become the authority on bass fishing and the keeper of the sport. Buying a family member or friend a one-year membership to B.A.S.S. will give them a subscription to the venerable Bassmaster Magazine, access to the digital archives from the past 10 years’ issues and $50 in fishing gear. The membership also delivers special pricing for insurance, car rentals and select fishing gear. Proceeds from the membership help drive conservation and education programs to preserve the sport of bass fishing.

MSRP: $15.00

Five-Star Mexico Bass Fishing Trip: Anglers Inn International

If catching a hundred largemouth bass including the possibility of landing fish nearing double-digit weights in a single day sounds like heaven, then Anglers Inn International’s lakeside resorts on El Salto and Lake Picachos are the places to go. With some of the hottest and most intense bass fishing in the world, Angler’s Inn International provides not only top-notch fishing but also luxurious accommodations with impeccable service. Seasoned guides will put even the greenest stick on the action while classically trained chefs prepare a variety of local and international dishes complimented by cold beer and tart margaritas. Situated in the remote Sierra Madre Mountains outside of Mazatlan, every creature comfort is available at both resorts. From satellite TV and Wi-Fi to an open bar and spa services, guests are pampered from the moment they arrive.

MSRP: $2,045 for four nights and three days (Standard Package)

Annual Fishing License

Making the first foray into fishing requires fishing tackle, a bit of knowledge and a lot of patience. For beginners and experts, the most important item to get is a fishing license. Not only does a license keep anglers on the right side of game officials, the fees from license sales help fund wildlife conservation, habitat restoration and wildlife education and research. Each state’s game agency relies on these funds for up to 75 percent of their budgets. Without this funding, agencies would lack resources to manage fish and game, provide access for anglers, and keep waters clean and set regulations. Gifting a fishing license is the first step in creating a lifelong angler while helping conservation.

MSRP: $15-$40 (Varies by State)

Rod Storage: Denver Outfitters

Organization is key to a great day of fishing. The days of throwing a few rods and reels in the pickup bed are a thing of the past. Denver Outfitters offers rod and reel storage solutions to keep anglers organized while offering protection from breakage, the elements and opportunistic thieves. The vehicle-mounted Rod Vault ST gives bass, inshore and other fishing diehards a safe place to store and transport their gear. The ST can fit up to six baitcasting and spinning rods and reels all rigged and ready to hit the water. The Rod Vault Fly houses two to four 8-weight reels and rods as long as 10 feet. Durable and secure, the Rod Vault fly and ST rod holders deliver convenience and protection.

MSRP: Rod Vault ST: $399.00; Rod Vault Fly: from $349:00

Tackle Storage: Lure Locker 5-Pack

Organized fishing tackle can be the difference between winning and losing a local tournament. Lure Lock’s TakLogic revolutionizes tackle storage by keeping tackle and baits in place with a proprietary gel coat lining. Each tackle box of the Lure Locker 5-Pack features optional permanent dividers to create up to three separate compartments. Snap-apart dividers provide ultimate customization and easy-to-open latches secure the lid closed. Made in the U.S.A., Lure Lock boxes are scent-free to keep baits and tackle and do not leave a residue on lures. The 5-Pack is available in three sizes.

MSRP: Lure Locker 5-Pack: $74.99 (Sm.), $99.99 (Md.), $119.99 (Lg.)

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