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Fishing With a Friend by Joshua Rather

Fishing with my friend Justin can be very fun.  We always have fun and no matter what we can go out and have a great time.  Justin and I have been fishing everywhere you can think of such as ponds, lakes, and rivers. We haven’t been deep sea fishing yet, but we plan on going one day.  We usually take a canoe behind the dam in Halifax and we have taken his boat out several times in the lake.

We have the most fun behind the dam which happens to be where we catch the most fish.  We mostly catch blue or spotted catfish.  We have also had very funny memories fishing behind the dam; we once caught this large catfish which weighed probably about 10 to 15 pounds. When we got it up next to the canoe we went to reach and grab it, when we did it rolled and snapped the line causing us to lose our balance and flip the canoe.

When we regained ourselves and got the canoe turned up right we noticed that my bobber was floating on top of the water across the river, we floated toward it and then all of the sudden it went under water; we looked at each other like what just happened.  Then it came up again and Justin reached to grab the line and pulled it up, as he pulled we were in shock when the catfish came up with it, it rolled again and Justin let go.

We sat waiting to see if it would come up again but after 5 minutes we moved on and kept fishing.  We went about 50 to 75 yards down river from where we caught and lost the big catfish.  We had been sitting at the spot we found when Justin  said “look it’s your bobber,” I thought he was just pulling my leg but when I looked sure enough there it was flouting in front of him, he looked at me and said “I think your fish is following us” we laughed and I said “I think so.”  I told Justin to reach for it again and pull up slowly and I would get the net and we would try and catch that way.  As he pulled and we started to see the fish it rolled again and this time started to swim hard towards the bottom, I yelled “let go” but it was too late, Justin had lost his balance and fell right into the water.

I couldn’t help but laughing when he came up and said “I think that fish has it in for me!” I helped him into the canoe and we just busted out laughing at what happened.  We kept on fishing and after a while we decided to start working our way back to the truck, as we got near the truck and came into view of the dam, to our surprise the bobber popped up right next to us.  We couldn’t believe it, the fish was actually following us, Justin looked at me and I looked at him we both said it at the same time “Let’s try catching it one more time.”

We sat and watched it and when it came up next to the canoe, Justin grabbed the line and tied to the handle on the canoe I grabbed the net and this time I got the fish halfway into the net.  If you were watching you would have thought we had it but then the line snapped this time, causing both of us to fall into the water.  When I came up Justin was calling my name, he had grabbed the net as we fell in and still had the fish in it.

Justin was being jerked back and forth from the fish trying to get out the net.  I swam over to help when all of the sudden he yelled, “Oh no, the rod on the net broke and the fish got away…Again!”  We just sat there standing in the water dumbfounded and we couldn’t help but laugh.  We finally made it to the truck and loaded everything up and put the fish we did catch into the cooler.  When we got home my dad came out to see how we did and what all we caught.  When we got out the truck my dad looked at us and said “great day looks like ya’ll have had a rough time!”  We both looked at him and said at the same time “you have no clue!”

We told him what all happened as we cleaned the fish.  He laughed and said well at least ya’ll have had fun, and we did. I will never forget that fishing trip and I plan on taking more.  Fishing with my friend Justin is exciting and never boring.  We both love the outdoors and enjoy fishing and hunting together.  I hope that everyone can have the experience of spending time with their friends while fishing and hunting!

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