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Free Shipping AND Free ElimiShield® Hunt Core™ Body Foam with the Purchase of ANY Hunter Safety System Harness

DANVILLE, Ala. (Nov. 4, 2019) — For a limited time, Hunter Safety System is offering a promotion at on any of its harness purchases — free shipping and a free 7 oz. bottle of the revolutionary ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam. “Once people try the ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam they are hooked,” said Jay Everett, marketing manager. “The difference they see is immediate and undeniable.

“This promotion gives people a chance to try it risk-free and see it for themselves.”

The ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam is a long-acting, full body deodorant. When applied correctly, it bonds to your outer layer of skin and keeps on killing odor causing bacteria until your skin exfoliates it off—typically three to five days. It is both sweat and wash resistant. It is alcohol-free, scent-free and contains silk proteins that help to moisturize the skin.

We all know that body odor is a deal breaker when hunting big game. Body odor is caused by bacteria feeding on dead skin cells. Your body typically exfoliates 20,000 – 30,000 skin cells covered in odor causing bacteria every hour of every day. Imagine what that means when you are sitting in a treestand. With the ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam, not only are you not producing body odor during your hunt, but you are not leaving any of your human odor behind for the deer to discover once you have left. Your stand and area will remain scent-free. To view a brief video on ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam Click Here

Don’t miss this online opportunity at to get a free 7 oz. bottle of ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam and free shipping with the purchase any Hunter Safety System harnesses. It is only for a limited time – so hurry!

The ElimiShield Hunt Core Body Foam is available directly from Hunter Safety Systems, the exclusive distributor for ElimiShield products in the outdoor industry. ElimiShield HUNT Core Body Foam comes in a 7 oz bottle and a 96 oz. bottle and can be purchased directly online at for a suggested retail price of $12.99 and $59.99 respectively. All ElimiShield products carry a money-back guarantee if the user is not satisfied.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Danville, Ala., Hunter Safety System is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative deer hunting gear and hunting equipment for the serious hunter. The company has exclusive rights for use of ElimiShield in the hunting industry. For additional information, write to: The Hunter Safety System, 8237 Danville Road, Danville, AL 35619; call toll-free 877-296-3528; or visit

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