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Freedom Hunters and W.L. Gore work in partnerships for our Nation’s Heroes.

Last week W.L Gore and Freedom Hunters announced a new partnership to work together for our Nation’s Heroes(Our United States Military both Active Duty and Veterans. Freedom Hunters was created to salute the noble work of our courageous men and women of the Armed Forces. Freedom Hunters was created to show the outdoor community’s appreciation to the troops by taking select active duty and combat veterans on outdoor adventures. W.L. Gore was impressed with this mission from Freedom Hunters and has decided to jump into the mix with both feet.

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I spoke with Kevin King from W.L. Gore and I asked him why they chose Freedom Hunters, “We were tremendously impressed with the personal testimonials by the soldiers who had partaken in hunts and events with Freedom Hunters as well as the testimonials of the families of those soldiers and veterans. We also liked the small size of Freedom Hunters and we felt our commitment to them could have a much bigger impact” As well, I asked Kevin about what role they would be playing with Freedom Hunters and I was impressed with his answer, ” A large part of our contribution to Freedom Hunters will be in sponsoring various hunts as well as outfitting the hunters with gear allowing them to be able to experience the outdoors in warm comfortable dry gear”

I had to ask if the introduction of digital camouflage and working with Lt. Col. Tim O’Neill had influenced them to work with the military, “Optifade absolutely separates itself from the herd of other camo companies because it is still the only camo out there that is based on the science of animal vision and not the vision of hunters. Military folks understand this science and they have been using science based digital camo for years. As well the United States Military has been using Gore-Tex for years and they understand the value of high quality gear that keeps you warm and dry.”

I knew that they had tremendous plans to introduce this commitment to Freedom Hunters and their program to spend time at Fort Campbell, Kentucky on October 2nd, 2010,”We are excited to be able to spend the day with our Nation’s Heroes. We are excited to have Warren Strickland and Lt. Col. Tim O’Neill at this event and we are excited to have our partners like Sitka Gear, Bowtech Bows, G5 Sights, Field Logic Targets, Gold Tip Arrows and Danner Footwear at this event. We are most excited to be introducing the Outdoors to many of the people coming out to this event and show them and allow them to test and shoot some of the most advanced hunting gear in the country.

We also had the opportunity to talk with Anthony Pace from Freedom Hunters and getting to talk with Anthony was a real honor for us. As the founder of Freedom Hunters Anthony Pace leads a very busy life, when asked what led him to start Freedom Hunters his response was, “I have always had a passion for the men and women who serve our country and I wanted to do something that would make a difference for all of them. With my connections in the outdoor industry, I realized that I had the opportunity to create hunting, shooting and fishing opportunities for our nations heroes. Freedom Hunters acts as a conduit to put together our nations sportsmen and our veterans and active duty military. Getting to spend time in the outdoors with these great men and women can be a life changing opportunity and a tremendous opportunity to share your passions for the outdoors.” I asked him why he chose to partner Freedom Hunters with W.L. Gore and he stated, “The military guys are looking for the best possible gear and working with W.L. Gore seemed to be a great fit & these guys already know the Gore-Tex name because they have already been using this great product for years in the field.”

I asked Both Kevin and Anthony how best we could help them spread the word and they gave me the following links and encouragement to spread the word among our nations military both about the event in Fort Campbell, Kentucky and the Hunt for Heroes contest they are both running. The links are as follows and I encourage each and every one of our readers to donate to this very worthy organization as well share the information of this contest and nominate our nations heroes for this great contest they are running.



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