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Game Wardens Foundation Awards First Scholarship Grants


SACRAMENTO – The California Game Wardens Foundation (CGWF) has awarded its first 13 scholarships – to 12 children and one spouse of California game wardens – as part of its continuing mission to provide support for game wardens and their families.

The scholarships, totaling $13,000, were announced following a successful fundraising campaign, which generated $1 million in support from landowners, sports men and women and people who value the role game wardens play in protecting and conserving California’s natural resources.

Judd Hanna, CGWF’s chairman, says the group’s fundraising success is matched only by the response received when the scholarship applications were first announced.

“We had a great group of applicants, all of whom are dedicated young men and women with sterling records of community service and academic achievement,” Hanna said. “If they represent a cross-section of our future leaders, I think America is going to be in good hands.”

In addition to the scholarships, the foundation also voted to fund the Warden’s entry fee for the 25th Annual Law Enforcement Challenge Cup Relay from Baker, CA to Las Vegas, NV. More than 200 teams from all over the world regularly compete in this annual event. Last year the Warden’s team finished 48th out of 242 teams.

The California Game Wardens Foundation was founded in the spring of 2007 by a small group of Californians who are concerned with the enforcement of our environmental and resource laws.

“Game Wardens are the first and often the only line of enforcement of the myriad laws that protect our diverse and vital resources” said Ned Spieker, a founding member and President of the organization.

The foundation’s efforts for the remainder of 2008 will focus on raising a second million dollars for its Endowment Fund. Once that is achieved, approximately $100,000 will be available annually for grants and aid.

For further information and a membership brochure please visit our website at or call 650-234-1305.

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