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Get 25% Off the GutDaddy Field Dressing Kit

Take advantage of this Black Friday deal today!

Nov. 25, 2019 —  What do you give the hunter who already has everything this Christmas? Easy, the GutDaddy field dressing kit. GutDaddy’s 25% off Black Friday deal is just one incentive for gifting it this Christmas. The main reason you should place this unique field-dressing kit under the tree is because it will make field-dressing tasks easier, faster and safer for the hunter in your life.

The GutDaddy, now featuring Realtree EDGE camo, is a thoughtfully designed, compact, all-in-one kit that includes everything from well-placed posts to secure the animal’s legs, to rib hooks, a bone saw and a set of knives, all in a durable scabbard.

Simply place the animal on the back of the opened case. Slide the leg posts over the front legs and tighten. Push the leg posts into the case and start field dressing. It’s that easy.

Bowhunters, rifle hunters, Western spot-and-stalk hunters, Midwestern treestand sitters and everyone in between can benefit from a GutDaddy.

Pat Palmer, inventor of the GutDaddy and CEO of Dark Moon Hunting, designed the GutDaddy out of a desire to make the old field-dressing process safer, faster and cleaner for himself and others.

“I was tired of trying to cut on an animal that was flopping around and not stable,” Palmer said. “I knew there had to be an easier way, so I began the process of designing the GutDaddy.”

Once the GutDaddy hit the market, it became clear that hunters of all ages and levels of experience benefit from its smart design. It’s a wonderful teaching tool for instructing young hunters on the technique of field dressing. Older hunters appreciate the extra stability it provides and everyone else appreciates the speed, convenience and safety offered through its design.

The GutDaddy’s strong and durable all-in-one case encompasses everything a hunter needs to get the job done.

The GutDaddy knife collection includes a high-quality, stainless-steel gutting knife with gut hook, a knife for caping and skinning and a handy folding bone saw, all conveniently stored in a custom heavy nylon scabbard. One-of-a-kind rib spreaders allow easy access to the animal’s chest cavity.

Each GutDaddy field dressing case also comes with a step-by-step guide for ease of use.

So put a smile on your hunter’s face this Christmas and give a gift that will truly make the field-dressing process easier and safer while saving the hunter precious time.

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