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Great Christmas Gifts for Bird Lovers

My mom loves to feed birds and honestly, I do as well. I live in the city and my office in the house looks out in to our backyard. One of the advantages of being able to work from home is having a few bird feeders to attract a variety of birds to our yard year round. This year, we found some great products from Kingsyard and they were easy to order from and delivery was fast and efficient.

Adjustable Outdoor Shepherds Hooks

In order to feed birds you need to be able to hang your bird feeders. I like hanging my bird feeders near the windows so that they are easy to view from inside and the birds become comfortable being watched from my office. My mom likes watching the birds from her living room and being able to swap out bird feeders depending on the season. We liked the Kingsyard 2-pack of adjustable outdoor shepherds hooks and got a set for mom’s present this year.

Wooden Bluebird House

We have some bluebirds here in Nebraska but our yard isn’t super conducive to them but if we are really lucky we have wrens that come in to the area and so having a good quality birdhouse or two hanging around is always kind of nice to have and the Wooden Bluebird House looks quite nice and will work for our local wren population. The key to a great bird house is putting it into a great location that will stand the test of time and allow birds to feel comfort and safety.

Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbird feeders should be bright and colorful and the hummingbird feeder from Kingsyard has all kinds of color and it even won a 2022 Gold Award from the Muse Awards. These are great to have for when the hummingbirds are in the area. Here in Nebraska we have them in two distinct seasons for very short time periods. When they are here the feeders are out and we have action for about a month at a time but it is some crowded action. Space 2-3 feeders around and keep them cleaned and fresh every couple of days.

Extra Solid Tube Feeder

We chose this Heavy Duty Tube feeder specifically to put bird food for woodpeckers, jays and bigger birds and having an extra thick and solid tube feeder is important because we live in and around squirrels and they are consistently attacking our feeders. We do everything we can to slow them down but honestly, I don’t mind them getting fed as long as they are not robbing the entirety of our feeders. We like the sounds of the jays in the morning and seeing cardinals and woodpeckers hitting the feeders and of course our regular finches.

2-Pack Tube Bird Feeders

We picked these up specifically for seed that we utilize as our standard feeders for all of our non-squirrel friendly food. We utilize NutraSaff (safflower seed) specifically for these feeders because it gives us the greatest options for feeding high protein food for our birds and the squirrels will not eat it. The golden brown color of NutraSaff looks great and works perfectly in these tube feeders. It also tends to store very well and doesn’t swell up in case the seed gets wet in rain. These feeders hold up and in a 2-pack of Tube Feeders these come in at a price under $20.00 which is great allowing us to buy more feeders and more feed. These make great gifts.

Okay, everyone is going to need to keep this secret because my mom doesn’t know what she is getting for Christmas.

We just jumped on a call with Kingsyard and they wanted to help motivate all of you to keep this a secret so please use the coupon code: HuntingLife

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